Darby Camp is a rising American actress in the entertainment industry who became famous among people after the 2017 HBO mini-series. At this tiny age, she became famous through her acting skill. She has also played in some Netflix movies, and she had a role in Big Little Lies as Chloe Mckenzie.

She also had a role as Frankie in Netflix movies too. She is an excellent actress because of her skill she is famous worldwide.

Name:Darby Camp
Date of birth:14th,July,2007
Birth place:Charlotte , North Carolina
Age:14 years
Zodiac sign:Cancer
Eyes color:Dark brown
Hair color:Natural Brown
Father's name:Clark Camp
Mother's name: Lacy Camp
Siblings:1 sister
Sister's name:Ruthie
Relationship status:N/A
Movies name:Door to Door , Drop Dead Dive , Daisy Bowen , The summer sisters.
Social media sites:N/A
Net worth:N/A

Where was Darby born and raised?

Darby Camp is her real name, and she is professionally an actor; she was born to Clark and Lacy Camp on the 14th of July in 2007. So currently she is 14 years old child but has done a big thing at such a small age. She was born in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also has an older sibling, and her name is Ruthie camp. She was raised with lots of love and care as she is the youngest in her family. She has already her journey to be a famous actor, which means her goal is not too far.

Darby Camp
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As Darby was born in North Carolina, she has got American nationality. She is white according to her ethnicity, and her sign lies cancer as she is held in July. There is no information about her religion that she follows or believes in. there is no information about her favorite game, dress, color, place, and lucky number. Yet, she is an actor with talent at such a small age.


How did Camp start her Career?

Darby Camp was too young when her mother knew that she had a talent for acting, so her mother started to work on it, and after some more practice, Darby got a role in TV series, and after that, they started working more and more. After some years, she also started working in many more movies and series like that.

Some of her films and series are: Door to Door, Drop Dead Dive, Daisy Bowen, The summer sisters, and she has some connection with 221. So at this small age, she has earned a lot of love and nem from her fans, and they have appreciated her hard work and talent. So she has her whole life left, and she will work hard and make her future bright like a shining star.


Physical Description

Darby is very young, and there is no exact height that would fit her because there is more time left. She is a growing kid, which is why there is no information about her size. Neither her body measurement nor her body weight because everything will change as she is the growing child. But she has naturally brown hair and dark brown eyes, which are attractive, and her face is cute.

Darby Camp
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Darby Camp was born in her Camp family where her father’s name and her mother’s names are Clark Camp and Lacy Camp. Her father works as an assistant coach for North Mecklenburg boys and is also a technical coordinator. And her mother is a graduate student and also was a teacher at UNC Greensboro. Her mother also had a dream to become an actress and do something in the entertainment field. She also has an older sister whose name is Ruthie. She also travels for shooting.

Personal life

Darby is too young to get a boyfriend, and she is not much conscious about love at this young age. Currently, her passion is for her parents and sister, which means she loves her family. So she has to focus more on her future and her own goals.

Darby Camp
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Net worth

Even though Darby Camp is too young, she is talented and has worked in amny series and movies. Moreover, she earns a reasonable amount. She has accumulated thousands of dollars, and we hope she will make more in the coming future and live her luxurious life.

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