Matthew Mario Rivera

Matthew Mario Rivera, popularly known as Matt Rivera, is an American multimedia producer who gained public recognition as the husband of American CNN’s political correspondent, Kasie Hunt. Where was Matthew born and raised? Matthew Mario Rivera was born on 24th May 1982 in New York City, United States. He is the son of a retired […]

Caroline Smedvig

Caroline Smedvig is an American celebrity known for being the wife of popular American singer-songwriter and guitarist James Vernon Taylor. James Taylor is one of the best-selling music artists of all time and a 6-time Grammy Award winner. Bio Caroline Smedvig was born on 31st May 1957 in Albany, United States. Since she was born […]

Taliah Webster

Taliah Webster is a famous and successful movie actress and television star. She became famous when she appeared in her debut movie titled Good Time. However, her acting skill is on another level. Her performance earned her an independent spirit award nomination for best supporting female. She has gained more fame on her social media […]

Symonne Harrison

Symonne Harrison is a multifaceted artist who has won numerous dance competition medals as an actress, model, dancer, YouTuber, as well as inventor. Harrison has collaborated with brands such as Lip Smacker and Beach Waver and has been featured in Art and Beauty magazine. Where was Symonne born and raised? Symonne Harrison is a fifteen-year-old […]

Crystianna Summers

Crystianna Summers is a famous American dancer known for appearances on the reality show It’. She came into the limelight after creating a YouTube channel. The young and talented personality is titled as the winner of the 8th-grade Homecoming queen.   Where was Crystianna born and raised? Crystianna Summers was born in Jackson, Mississippi, USA […]

Deyjah Imani Harris 

Deyjah Imani Harris who is usually known as Deyjah Harris is a popular American model, YouTuber, social media personality, and traveler.  She has a self-titled YouTube channel named Deyjah Harris where he has more than 75 thousand subscribers. Harris is also very popular on Instagram and Twitter.  Her traveling vlogs, challenges, and lifestyle content are […]