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Quinton Griggs

Quinton Griggs who is basically known as Qgriggs all around the globe and social world is one of the most followed social media influencers and internet personalities.  He is best known for his lip sync videos, dancing videos, and Instagram posts. He has earned representation with TalentX Entertainment. Quinton basically shared fame from his Tiktok […]

Ex-husband of Kavita Kundra and Father of Deleena Kundra, Raj Kundra arrested for pornographic case. Shilpa Shetty has not talked anything about her husband case. behavior.

On Tuesday, The Esplanade Court in Mumbai has sentenced Raj Kundra, businessman and husband to actress Shilpa Shetty, to 72-hour police custody for questioning and investigation after being arrested for allegedly producing and distributing pornographic content via social media.    How is Raj Kundra Caught? Kundra, a British citizen by birth, has been charged with […]

Kelly Paniagua

Kelly Paniagua is an often heard name of Australian  American showbiz industry. She is a popular actress, model, and television personality primarily from Australia. She later shifted to America and started her career there.  Kelly has been part of many successful movies and television series till now but she shared fame after she got married […]

Midori Francis

Midori Francis is a well-known American actress of Japanese descent. Midori is known for her roles in the films “Good Boys” and “The Birch,” as well as the horror television series “The Birch.” This serial follows a mistreated child who retaliated violently against his tormentor.   Where was Midori born and raised? Midori Francis was […]

Declyn Lauper

Declyn Lauper is an American rapper, record producer, composer, and celebrity child. David Thornton, a well-known American actor, and Cyndi Lauper, a well-known American singer, are the parents of Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper. Where was Declyn born and raised? On the 19th of November, 1997, Declyn Wallace Thornton Lauper was born. He is a citizen […]

Cory Gruter-Andrew

Cory Gruter-Andrew is a Canadian actor who was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. Gruter-Andrew rose to international prominence after portraying Aden in the science fiction drama series 100. Where was Cory born and raised? Cory Gruter-Andrew was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, on September 1, 2001. Gruter-Andrew is currently 19 years old. […]