Asher Blinkoff

Asher Blinkoff is well known American voice artist famously known for providing the voice in the movie Hotel Transylvania 2 film franchise for top American studios like Sony Pictures Animation and Columbia Pictures.   Early Life Asher Blinkoff was born on November 23, 2008, in Aston, Pennsylvania. He was born as a son to his parents, […]

Talitha Bateman

Talitha Bateman is a well-known actress based in America who came into the limelight after her role on The CW’s TV drama series Hart Of Dixie as Scarlett Kincaid. Early Life Talitha Bateman was born on the 4th of September, 2001, in Turlock, California, United States of America. Talita’s father’s name is Tim Bateman, and […]

Joshua Bee Alafia

Joshua Bee Alafia is an American cinematographer and a well-known director working as a cinematographer in the 2001 fantasy movie ‘2001’ and the 2010 fantasy movie ‘The Seed.’ As mentioned earlier, he has also worked as a director in the film, apart from his career as a director and a cinematographer. In addition, he has […]

Ozgu Namal

Ozgu Namal is a Turkish actress and a Model popularly known for appearing in several movies and TV Shows. She is also known for her portrayals in movies Polis, Sır Çocukları, Büyü, Bliss, and on O… Çocuklari Bio Ozgu Namal was born on December 28, 1978, in a Turkish city. Ozgu is 42 years old as of the year […]

Nini Smalls

  Nini Smalls is a social media star from the United States. She is also a YouTuber and a model. Her Instagram account and the video Vixen have made her famous. She also starred in a music video with rapper Mr. Capone E called “Maria Maria,” published eight years ago. She also participates in events, […]

Kelly McCormack

Kelly McCormack is a Canadian actress, writer, and producer who has worked in several independent features. Kelly’s movie was also streamed at film festivals worldwide, including playing the film, barn wedding, and Sugar Daddy. After working as Zeph in the show, she came into the limelight, which increased her fanbase.   Bio On February 8, […]

Bryce Cass

Bryce Cass is a well-known American actor who starred as Thomas in the 2007 television series “ER” and Manny in the 2006 film “The Guardian.” In addition, Bryce is well recognized for his role as Cyrus in the hit television show “13 Reasons Why.” Besides these, Cass has also appeared as Hector Rincon in “Battle […]

Ryan Bruce

Ryan Bruce is a Canadian movie actor, producer, and director who has worked on various shows and movies throughout his career. After his role in the straight movie man, he came into the limelight, released in 1999. Ryan is known for his fantastic acting skills and his humor. Bio On July 15, 1990, Ryan Bruce […]

Erica Packer

Erica Packer is a famous Australian pop artist and lyricist known for her 2007 collection Through Your Eyes. She is the ex-wife of a billionaire James Packer, who has released various songs in her career.   Where was Erica born and raised? Erica Packer was born in Gunnedah, Australia, on November 10, 1977, Gunnedah, Australia. She was […]

Meghan Ory

Meghan Ory is a famous actress and well-known TV personality best recognized for her role on Red Riding Hood in the modern fairytale ABC series once upon a Time. She is also known for playing Riley Neal in CBS’s Intelligence, which aired in 2014.     Where was Meghan born and raised? On August 20, […]