Charlie Blythe is an American social media personality who became a controversial topic overnight after her response over her Tik Tok topic regarding “insane rich person behavior.”

Blythe’s rich experience and lifestyle have gained her international attention and gained over 2.7 million reactions on Tik Tok. Here’s more to her lifestyle and information.

Quick Info
Birth Name
Charlie Blythe
Birth Date
Birth Place
Current City
Portland, Oregon
Peggy Van Dorp
Zodiac Sign
Social Media
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok
Social Media Personality, Musician
Net WorthN/A
Charlie Blythe
Source: Instagram

Who are Charlie Blythe’s parents?

Blythe was born and raised in Boston to a rich American family. As per Blythe’s confession, her parents are wealthy people of the United States whose information has been tightly sealed from public disclosure. She was also forced to seal her real name on social media platforms so that the public won’t be able to identify her. But Blythe has been open to the public since her viral video. Her mother’s name is Peggy Van Dorp and she currently lived with her mother.

Blythe’s exact birthday is a mystery to us but we know that she is an American citizen and has white ethnicity. She does not seem to have any siblings either. Her educational degree is yet another mystery to us.


Lifestyle & Childhood

Charlie is leading an extravagant life as we heard from her story. She was raised in a huge mansion where she had a private chief and her house was so big that she needs to communicate with family members through the intercom. Blythe had three homes and each home at least had seven employees. Her parents feared Blythe’s safety despite having tight security.

Charlie Blythe with her friend at Portland
Charlie Blythe with her friend at Portland Source: Instagram

Blythe’s parents are separated now. As per her point, her parents waited until she turned 18 years old to get separated. It was a difficult time for her during her parent’s divorce. Her mother was called a gold digger but now they are separated and Blythe seems to be doing fine and enjoying her life with her two cats.

Blythe never had to worry about her shopping or what to eat. If she had something to eat or wear, she would just write in a note and her employees would bring them for her. Blythe used to travel by private plane no matter how far or near her journey was. Her father never liked the commercial flight experience even though they only travel once.



Charlie Blythe has not achieved her professional career yet but she seems to work out on her music path. She seems to be interested in singing, songwriting, and producing music. She released her first song “Toothache” in May 2020 and since then, she hasn’t been releasing any other songs. But we can see several videos on Tik Tok of her playing and creating music. She enjoys playing the keyboard and guitar. She also records her music at her home.


Physical Description

Charlie Blythe is probably in her 20s judging her look. She possesses brown hair and grey eyes. Blythe prefers to keep her hair short and wears glasses. She has a curvy body build and a tall height. Blythe has a writings tattoo on her left arm. Further information regarding her body measurements is a mystery to us. Her sexual orientation is lesbian and she identifies herself as she/they.


Social media

Charlie Blythe found her fame through social media. She used to go by the name Ansonia. We can find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok. Blythe has accumulated over 3 thousand followers on Instagram where she can be connected with @iamcharlieblythe. She has over 900 followers on Facebook and over 100 followers on Twitter.

Charlie Blythe with her cats
Charlie Blythe with her cat’s Source: Instagram

Blythe has been gaining more attention on Tik Tok. She has over 170.1 thousand followers on Tik Tok and she has accumulated over 3.1 million likes. So far, her most liked video is the viral one of “insane rich person behavior” which caused the uproar overnight. She received many positive as well as negative comments after her viral video. She was forced to turn the comments off in that video.



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