­­Who is Larry Bird’s adopted son?

Conner Bird is the son of former American professional basketball player, coach, and NBA executive, Larry Joe Bird, aka Larry Bird. Larry is considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time and is known by the nickname “Larry Legend” or “the Hick from French Lick.”

Conner has gained the attention of people thanks to his popular and rich father. Let us explore the detailed information on Larry’s personal life.

Quick Info
Birth Name
Conner Bird
Birth Date
30 years old as of 2022
Birth Place
Adopted Parents
Larry Bird
Dinah Mattingly
Biological ParentsN/A
Mariah Bird (Adopted Together)
Corrie Bird (Half-Sister)
Indiana State University
Height and WeightN/A
Social Media
Net WorthN/A
$75 million (Father's Net worth)


Bio & Nationality

Conner Bird was born in the year 1992 and there is no detailed information on his biological parents. He was adopted by Larry Bird and his second wife, Dinah Mattingly along with his sister Mariah Bird. Conner has a half-sister, Corrie Bird from his father’s previous marriage to Janet Condra.

Conner was born and raised in the United States thus he has American nationality and white ethnicity. Not much is known about his real parents or siblings but he got the opportunity to grow up in a wealthy environment thanks to Larry and his wife. After getting adopted by the Bird family, Conner spent his childhood in Naples, Florida watching his father’s games.

Conner Bird and Larry Bird
Conner Bird and Larry Bird Source: Facebook

How old is Conner Bird today?

 Conner is 30 years old as of 2022. There aren’t many pictures of him on social media or public platforms. Taking a peek at his only picture on a public platform, we can see that he possesses a hazel eye and brown hair. Further information regarding his height, weight, and physical measurements is still a mystery to us.



Conner Bird’s educational background is yet another mystery to us but we believe he attended a local high school in Naples, Florida. He is believed to have attended Indiana State University but further details about his degree are still unknown.

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Instagram and other Social media accounts

Conner Bird is not a social media user. He isn’t present on any other social media platforms thus it is harder to keep track of his personal life. On the same page, his father doesn’t fancy social media either.


What happed to Conner Bird?

 In February 2013, Conner was the head of several media but not for good reasons. He was arrested by Indiana University Police for trying to hit his then-girlfriend by car after a heated argument. According to a Deadspin article, Conner and his girlfriend were in a fight and he called his then-girlfriend to the parking lot to talk things out.

Conner Bird
Conner Bird Source: Daily Mail

Unfortunately, with their heated arguments, they came to have another fight. Conner attempted to hit her twice and the scene was witnessed by a woman nearby who took his ex-girlfriend to the police station for safety. He also tried to hit her through his phone once. Conner was charged with criminal mischief as well as marijuana possession.

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Where is Conner Bird now?

Conner has completely remained silent after the criminal mischief case in 2013. There is no update on whether he served jail time or not. But ever since, he has kept a low profile, and neither his parents mention anything regarding him.

We also dont know if Larry is settled down and has kids yet. However, we do know that he is alive and doing well.

Conner Bird
Conner Bird Source: Facebook


Net worth & Lifestyle

 Conner Bird’s professional career is under the radar. We have no information about what he does since he has been leading a complete low life. Hence we aren’t able to estimate his net worth yet.

However, Conner is enjoying his father, Larry’s wealth. His father has a net worth of $75 million as of 2022. Thanks to his father’s fame and popularity, Conner has still been a subject of curiosity.


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