Dan Katz is a famous American journalist, most popular by his nickname “Big Cat“. In addition, Dan is well-known for hosting the renowned podcast crew behind Barstool Sports’ “Pardon My Take”, a comedic sports podcast.

Dan Katz
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He is one of the long-time contributors of Barstool who had been communicating with PFT Commenter regularly through Twitter which was before 2016. After that, they teamed up to create “Pardon My Take”.

He is a successful person and has gained popularity because of his talented personality. But when it comes to his personal life, he remained quiet as he wanted to keep his private life far from the media.

However, his fans are very sharp and quite intelligent, so that they create some rumors about his personal life, amazing his actives. His fans are desperate to know the rumors about him being married and expecting child rumors.


Does Dan “Big Cat” Katz have a Wife?

Well, the rumors about him being married to his long-time girlfriend created many suspensions for his fans. Dan aka, “Big Cat,” is very open about his professional life, but he hides detailed information about his personal life. Still, his fans are smart as they create some gossip after analyzing his activities.

His fans wanted to know if he married his long-time mysterious girlfriend or not. The rumors have been created after he went for a week-long vacation in Paris in 2020 which his fans assumed he went there for their honeymoon after exchanging their vows.

Dan Katz
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On the other side, Dan Katz is a kind of secretive person, so that he has not mentioned anything about his girlfriend. Moreover, his girlfriend’s name is also kept secret so that there is still a question mark about his girlfriend but people know by her name “Lady Cat“. So, Dan Katz’s marriage to his wife or long-time girlfriend suspension is still yet confirmed as he is very protective about his personal.


Has he become a Father?

Dan Katz is a secretive person who likes to keep his personal life from the media. But, he surprised his fans and followers through his Twitter, where he shared big news about him and his girlfriend or wife are expecting their first child.

He shared the post in March 2019 on his Twitter as he is active on Twitter with the tag name (“@BarstoolBigCat”), with 1.3M followers and tweets 217.1K times. Similarly, Dan also stated that he would become a father in the same year of June month.

He seems very excited and blessed to become a father so that his happiness can be seen in the posts that he shared on his Twitter. Likewise, the couple gave birth to their baby boy on 19 June 2019, and he shared adorable pictures of his newly born child on his Twitter account.

Dan Katz
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After becoming a father of his first child, Dan Katz became very happy and became very protective at the same time. He also mentioned his personal life in the article published on Barstool Sports, where he clearly stated that he is keeping his life secret from the media so that his child can live his normal life.

Additionally, Dan Katz also stated that he wouldn’t be talking about his son, and all the queries about his personal life would also be kept secret. He stated that:

“I won’t be sharing much more than this right here. I won’t be making content out of my child’s birth or upbringing. There is no right or wrong approach to this, just a personal one.”

Likewise, Dan Katz also cares about his fans, so that he also stated to his fans to respect his decision. He mentioned:

“I want to give my future son the most normal upbringing possible, and that includes not putting his childhood on the internet for the world to watch. That’s my personal choice, and I hope you can understand.”

Besides this, he also mentioned his wife or girlfriend, who loves and supports him in every step of his life, so that he wanted that his fame and popularity won’t create any problem for his lovely girlfriend and wife and child.



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