Estere Ciccone is a beautiful, cute, and adorable daughter of Madonna and a twin sister of Stelle Ciccone. Madonna is a famous American singer, songwriter, and actress who adopted twin sisters Estere and Stelle Ciccone and gave them all the love, care, and wealthy life as a mother.

Quick Info
Full NameEstere Ciccone
DOB24 August 2012
BirthplaceMalawi, East Africa
Zodiac SignVirgo
Eye ColorBlack
Net WorthUnknown
Estere Ciccone

Who is the mother of Estere?

Estere Ciccone was born on 24 August 2012 in Malawi, East Africa as a daughter of a father, Adam Malawi, and a mother Patrica Malawi. She also has a twin sister and they are adopted by Madonna. She has six siblings, including her twin sister Stelle, Mercy James, Rocco John Ritchie, Lourdes, Maria Leon, and David Banda.

Currently, she is at her age of 8 and her zodiac sign is Virgo. She belongs to American nationality and holds black ethnicity. Estere follows the Christianity religion.


How was the childhood of Ciccone like?

Earlier, Estere Ciccone was born in a low-income family and then her mother died after giving birth to Estere and her twin sister. After her mother’s death, her father sent Ciccone and her twin sister Stelle to an Orphanage named “Home Of Hope” despite taking care of them. They became alone without their parents’ love and care but later, Madonna came into their life.

Madonna adopted twin sisters and they became very lucky to have a mother in their life. After having, home and mother, they seem really happy and currently, living their life very happily with her other sibling. As Madonna is a popular celebrity, Estere also has earned fame and popularity after becoming her daughter.


How did Ciccone start her Career?

Estere Ciccone came into the light after she and her twin sister have been permanently adopted by Madonna who is popularly known as an American singer, songwriter, and actress. The twin sisters were born in a poor family and her mother died after giving birth to her twin sister and her. If they are not adopted by Madonna they would have a poor and low life with her father but her father sent them to an Orphan house.

Estere Ciccone

Despite taking care of his daughter, her father sent them to an Orphan house which med them alone and they didn’t get their father’s and mother’s love. At that time, Madonna came to them to adapt and become her mother and adopt twin sisters and gave them a high profile life.

Estere is living happily with her family and is seen living a wealthy life after becoming a daughter of Madonna who loves them so much and takes care of them.



Currently, Estere Ciccone is at her young age so that, she is not at that age to be in a relationship so that she is single for now and enjoying her life with her twin sisters and other half-siblings and with her mother Madonna.


Social Media

Estere Ciccone and her twin sister are active on Instagram where they have 6466 followers and posted 1657 posts. They are seen posting several photos of them with Madonna on their Instagram account.

Estere Ciccone

Net Worth

Estere Ciccone is a cute and adorable daughter of Madonna who is currently living her high and wealthy life with her mother Madonna. Her Mother is a popular singer, songwriter, and actress who has an estimated net worth of $850 million.


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