The Undertaker has four children, one son and three daughters. His first child was his son Gunner Vincent Calaway. He was born in 1993. And he had his daughters Chasey Calaway in 2002, Gracie Calaway in 2005, and Kaia Faith Calaway in 2012.

The Undertaker’s Children

His first child son, Gunner Vincent Calaway, grew up nicely in a good environment. Gunner is best known for being the son of The Undertaker. Gunner has currently established himself as a streamer who streams video games on Twitch. Gunner has become successful and doing great in his career.

Likewise, his daughter Chasey Calaway was born on 21 November 2002 in the United States. Calaway is a young and beautiful girl. Currently, Chasey is focusing on her study and career. Calaway also came into the limelight as the daughter of the greatest name in wrestling, The Undertaker.

Similarly, his other daughter named, Gracie Calaway, born on 15 May 2005, is famous for being the daughter of The Undertaker. Gracie is still young and focusing more on her study so, she has not started her career yet to talk about it. However, she is growing beautifully in a good environment.

The Undertaker’s fourth and youngest child is Kaia Faith Calaway, born in August 2012 in Austin, Texas, the USA. She is still a young girl focusing on her career. Her father and mother raised her. She is growing up beautifully as her father, The Undertaker, and her mother, Michelle McCool, have a successful career. So, they are giving their best to give her the best environment for her growth.

The Undertaker
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Who is the Undertaker?

The Undertaker, a renowned American retired professional wrestler, is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in wrestling history. His actual name is not The Undertaker but is Mark William Calaway, who was born on 24 March 1965 in Houston, Texas, the U.S.

He was born to his father, Frank Calaway, and mother, Catherine Calaway. A 6 feet 10 inches tall man has won everyone’s heart because of his looks and wrestling skills in the ring. He has gained people’s attention through his wrestling career and became a successful wrestler.

The Undertaker
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The Undertaker’s name is just his ring name, whereas people also know him by other ring names like Kane the Undertaker, Commando, The Master of Pain, Texas Red, Mean Mark, Mark Callous, Mean Mark Callous, Dice Morgan, and The Punisher.

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Who is the Undertaker married to?

The Undertaker is a happily married man. He married three times in his life, and his first marriage was to Jodi Lynn in 1989. After that, the former couple gave birth to their son named Gunner Vincent Calaway, in 1993. However, they broke their marriage and separated their path in 1999.

The Undertaker
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Later, he met his second wife named, Sara Frank. They exchanged their vows in 2000. Together, they gave birth to their two beautiful daughters, Chasey and Gracie Calaway. Unfortunately, they also ended their marriage with divorce in 2007.

Further, he met his current or third wife, Michelle McCool, and they fell for each other. Michelle is also a famous retired American professional wrestler. They both have the same background and profession. A beautiful couple gave birth to their daughter named Kaia Faith Calaway in 2012.

Currently, the couple lives a happy and wonderful life together with their children.

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The Undertaker’s career has given his children the best opportunities to become celebrities. His success and skills have gained more respect from his fans and followers. He is one of the strongest and greatest Men who spend most of his career for WWF/E. He is best known for his critically acclaimed “deadman” Undertaker gimmick.


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