Hugo Avalos-Chanon was a Mexican cleaning contractor who died after falling into the machine and mishap at the meat-processing plant. He became entangled in a blender and resulting in the tragic death of Hugo.

Quick Info
Full NameHugo Avalos-Chanon
BirthplaceSoutheast Portland, Oregon
Death29 April 2013
Age41 years (2013)
Net WorthN/A



Hugo Avalos-Chanon is a Mexican guy who was only 41 years, and he died due to a mishap at Interstate Meat Distributors Inc., a meat-processing plant. At that time, he used to live in Southeast Portland, Oregon.

According to his age at the death time, he must have been born around 1972. However, Hugo’s exact birth date is still missing, so his zodiac sign also has a question mark.

Hugo was living a normal life and working for his living. But, talking about Hugo’s family members, there is no information about them and what they do for a living.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon
Hugo Avalos-Chanon Source: Facebook


Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s educational background still has a question mark. But, he must be uneducated, so he works hard to gain money through his cleaning profession. So there is no details information about his academic qualification.


How did Hugo Avalos-Chanon die?

On 29 April 2013, Hugo Avalos-Chanon took his last breath. He used to work as a cleaning contractor but on that day, and he fell into the machine and mishap at the meat-processing plant. He became entangled in a blender. The mixer had used to regulate the fat content of beef.

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The death was horrible. At first, Hugo’s head fell into the machine, and his co-worker noticed that something had happened there, so they went to see there. After seeing Hugo fall to the machine, his co-worker rushed and pressed the emergency stop button. However, it was late, and Hugo died so badly.

He died so badly, and everyone felt so bad for his life and his family members. Later, the firefighter investigated the plant details, and they removed Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s body from the machine. After that, Oregon investors did some investigation and examined all the evidence. They also interviewed witnesses.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon
Hugo Avalos-Chanon Source: YouTube

Further, the investigator also checked all the factory records and found the factory’s lack of safety. This is because the safety hazards had found while they checked the history. So, innocent people’s lives have gone because of the safety hazards.

Moreover, The State Occupational Health and Safety Department and the inspectors also detected that the machines in the meat grinding room had not locked properly while the time of cleaning. So, this type of carelessness created the death of people.

The factory should be responsible for the safety of their work which they lack in this case. After the incident, people will be more concerned about safety. The tragic death gave the knowledge about the importance of safety in the factory. His death has been listed as An Interesting List of Unusual Deaths.


Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s death videos on Reddit

At that time, people talked about the incident through Reddit and Twitter. However, the clip was not the original one, but it is still unknown who shared those videos. Many people believed that the clip was real, but they later knew that the video was fake. So, videos got removed from the internet.

Moreover, content creators also shared a picture of a meat blender and related those videos to Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s death. Some YouTubers also posted YouTube videos in memory of his death.

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Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s Wife & Family

Regarding Hugo Avalos-Chanon’s relationship, he was a married man, but his wife’s identity is still missing. His widow’s wife sued employers for over $5 million, and DCS was fined $6,300 after her husband’s death.

Further details about his family members and relationships are still missing.

Hugo Avalos-Chanon with his children
Hugo Avalos-Chanon with his children Source: YouTube

Net Worth

Hugo Avalos-Chanon had been living his simple life and working days as a cleaner. He must have earned some amount for his living and his family. However, his net worth details of Hugo unknown.



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