Ironmouse is a famous Puerto Rican Virtual YouTuber and Streamer. She is best known for her crazy personality and singing with her high-pitched voice. Because of her talents, she gained all the fame and success in her career, and currently, she has become part of the agency VShojo.

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What is Ironmouse’s Real Name?

Ironmouse was born on 11 January, so her zodiac sign is Capricorn as per her birth date. But the year of her birth date is still missing, so that her age is still hard to determine.

Likewise, 4 feet 10 inches (147 cm) tall woman Ironmouse is a secretive woman who has not revealed her real name until now but is also known by other nicknames like Mousey, Satanas Gremlin, and Tungsten Cat.

Besides this, her family details have also been kept secret so that her family member identity remained still a mystery for her fans and followers. She looks pretty crazy and fun, so her craziness makes everyone attractive.

Likewise, her singing and high-pitched voice made everyone become a fan of her, so that she is getting popularity because of her talents.


Twitch Ironmouse Face Revealed

She gained huge popularity as a Twitch streamer where she created her Twitch account with the tag name (“@ironmouse”), where she has 838K followers. Earlier, she used to stream on smaller platforms, but she later switched to Twitch, a mainstream platform for the people who like streaming.

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She started getting attention as a Twitch streamer, and later on 15 May 2020, she became a Twitch partner. Although she gained many positive responses from many people, she has not revealed anything about her personal life.

Likewise, there is still a mystery about how she looks and what kind of person she is, as she has not revealed her face in public. But she is getting success even she has not shown her face, which is s great achievement of her life.


Know about Ironmouse career

Ironmouse started her career by streaming on small platforms. But as time passed, she switched her streaming platforms to Twitch, where many people streams and gain success in their career. Similarly, Ironmouse is also the one that gained popularity after streaming in Twitch.

Likewise, she created her YouTube channel named “Ironmouse” with 560K subscribers. She joined on YouTube on 29 September 2017and started posting her animated videos that have gained people’s attention. As a result, many people watched her videos, and the total views on her videos reached 17,817,485.

Later, she also became a YouTube partner on 1 July 2020. Ironmouse also confirmed that she became a member of the new VTuber on 24 November, where she cooperated with other members like Projekt Melody, Silvervale, Zentreya, and Natasha Nyanners Froot, and Hime Hajime.

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She also has another YouTube channel named “IRONMOUSE VODS” with 26.5K subscribers and seen posting many exciting videos. Likewise, another YouTube channel is also called “IronMouse’s Shorts,” with 11.5K subscribers.

Besides this, she is very active on social media platforms as she also uses an Instagram account with the tag name (“@ironmouseparty”), with 32.8K followers and 50 posts. However, she mostly posted her artistic pictures on her Instagram, which seemed exciting and attractive, so she received many likes and comments.

She is very addicted to social media platforms, so that her interest, dedication, and hard work can be seen in her videos and singing. Likewise, she also uses a TikTok account named “ironmouse” with 88.2K followers. Her videos earned many likes where the total likes on her videos reached 447.9K likes.

She is doing great without revealing her face and personal life because of her talented personality. So is such a capable person with an incredible and attractive personality.


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