Laura Lasorda is the daughter of late American professional baseball pitcher and manager Tommy Lasorda. Tommy was the manager of Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB).

In 1997, he was in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Quick Info
Birth Name
Laura Lasorda
Birth Date
Birth Place
United States
Thomas Charles Lasorda (1927-2021)
Jo Lasorda (Died on 2021)
Tom Lasorda Jr. (Died in 1991)
Zodiac Sign
Emily Tess
Social Media
Net Worth$15 million
Laura Lasorda talk with MLB
Laura talks with MLB Source: MLB

Where was Laura born and raised?

Laura Lasorda was born and raised in the United States to American parents Jo Lasorda and Thomas Charles Lasorda (1927-2021), popularly known as Tommy Lasorda. Laura belongs to the white ethnicity and American nationality. She had a brother named Tom Lasorda Jr., who died in 1991 due to AIDS. There were rumors that Laura’s brother, Tom, was gay. But when her parents, Tommy and Jo, were asked about it, they completely denied the rumors. They further denied the fact that he died of AIDS and told the press that Tom died of Cancer.

In 1997, Laura’s parents Tommy and Jo built a gymnasium in California and named it Tom Jr. in memory of Laura’s brother.



Laura Lasorda is believed to be an educated woman, although no information about her educational background has been disclosed yet. She grew up in the United States and probably completed high school in her hometown.


Physical Description

Laura Lasorda’s date of birth is still a mystery to us. Since her parents tied their knot in 1950, we believe Laura was born in the year 1950s. She is probably in her late 60s. Describing Laura’s appearance, Laura is a beautiful woman possessing blue eyes and blonde hair. She has an average body build.


Personal Life

Laura Lasorda is a married woman. Although Laura hasn’t shared any information about her husband and marriage, we got to know that she has a daughter named Emily Tess. Laura is very secretive when it comes to her personal life. There are only a few occasions where she made a public appearance, and it was during her parent’s death.

Laura Lasorda with her parents
Laura with her parent’s Source: Pinterest

Laura’s father, Tommy, died in January 2021. He always had heart disease. The first time, Tommy was hospitalized in 2012 due to a heart attack. He was again hospitalized in November 2020 and was released from the hospital in January 2021. Unfortunately, he suffered from cardiac arrest just after two days and died. After the death, if her father, Laura Lasorda, thanked all the people who sent their condolences to her father.

After a few months of Tommy’s death, Laura’s mother also left the earth in September 2021. After the death of her mother, Laura said in an interview,

“The eight or nine months they were apart, I think that this is the best birthday present that my father could get, is having my mother by his side in heaven. The two of them really did walk hand in hand all those years, never in front, never behind, always together.”


Social Media

Laura Lasorda is not a social media user. She is not present on any social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram. Laura prefers to stay away from any social media attention. This is the reason why there is very little information about her life.

Laura Lasorda along with her friend
Laura along with her friend Source Paul McMullan

What is Lasorda’s Current Net worth?

Laura Lasorda’s career has remained a mystery to us as she has never once opened up about her professional life. Hence, we could not obtain information about her net worth too. As Laura is the only daughter of Tommy and Jo Lasorda, she inherits all her father’s property. Tommy had a net worth of $15 million at the time of his death.

With such vast earning left to Laura, we can say that she is living a luxurious life in the United States. She rarely makes her appearance in public and prefers to keep her life private.


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