Lenedra Carroll is an American singer, businessman, and author. She is best known for her bitter relationship with her daughter as well as four Grammy Award nominee, Jewel Kilcher popularly known as Jewel. Her daughter is a famous American singer, musician, and actress who has sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

She is also the first wife of Atz Kilcher. Along with her daughter, Jewel, and son, Shane, Carroll co-founded a non-profit organization, Higher Ground for Humanity.

Quick Info
NameLenedra Carroll or Lenedra Kilcher
Birth Year
Birth Place
Jasper Jewel Carroll
Arva Carroll
Atilla Kuno “Atz” Kilcher, aka Atz Kilcher (1969-1982)
Shane Kilcher (born. 1971)
Atz Lee Kilcher (born. 1977)
Jewel Kilcher (born. 1974)
Social Media
singer, businessman, and author
Net WorthMulti-millionaire
Lenedra Carroll
Source: Instagram

Where was Lenedra born and raised?

Lenedra Carroll was born in the year 1950 in Alaska. She was raised by her American parents, Arva Carroll, her mother, and Jasper Jewel Carroll, her father. Carroll grew up in a poor family on a farm with her three siblings whose name is yet not disclosed in public.

Carroll has not disclosed further information regarding her childhood. As she was born and raised in the United States, Carroll has American nationality and white ethnicity. we could not identify her net worth yet as her exact date of birth is still a mystery to us.


Physical Description

Carroll turned 71 years old in 2021. She possesses blonde hair and brown eyes. She has a straight sexual orientation. Further detail about her height, weight, and physical measurements is a mystery to us. But one thing that we know about Carroll is that she is still living a healthy life.


Who was Carrol married to?

Lenedra tied her knot to an American actor and author, Atilla Kuno “Atz” Kilcher, popularly known as Atz Kilcher in 1969 and became Lenedra Kilcher. Her husband is the oldest son of Yule Forenorth Kilcher, a Swiss emigrant and a member of the Alaska state senate. Her husband, Atz Kilcher also served in the 1967 Vietnam War for two years.

Lenedra Carroll
Source: Biographypedia

Carroll gave birth to three children, Shane Kilcher in 1971, Atz Lee Kilcher in 1977, and Jewel Kilcher in 1974. Unfortunately, Carroll and Kelcher got divorced in 1982. The reason for their divorce was due to her husband’s alcoholic nature.

She abandoned her daughter, Jewel when she was 8 years old, as per the word from Jewel during an interview with HuffPost Live in 2015. She confessed that it was “traumatizing.” Jewel went on to become a Grammy-nominated singer and author in the future.


Relationship with Jewel & Betrayals

Lenedra Carroll reunited with her daughter, Jewel in the future after Jewel was recognized as one of the famous singers. Carroll worked as her manager beside her and she also joined in one of her concerts. Carroll and Jewel sang the song “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” in 1997 Hard Rock live. Things were going well between Jewel and Carroll until 2010.

Lenedra Carroll and her daughter, Jewel
Lenedra and her daughter, Jewel Source: Crazum

As a manager, Carroll betrayed her daughter for the second time. Her daughter was ended up in a greater depth due to some of her misleading acts as her manager. During an interview with HuffPost Live, Jewel said,

“I haven’t talked to my mom since 2010. I think the biggest betrayal for me was on a personal level…. I don’t think things were quite what I thought they were. It took me a long time to come and see the truth. It was a pretty heartbreaking realization….”


Profession & Lifestyle

Lenedra Carroll published a book called “The Architecture of All Abundance: Creating a Successful Life in the Material World.” After quitting from being the manager of her daughter is 2010, she has been out of public appearance.

She became a multi-millionaire after robbing her daughter while being a manager. Rumors have it that, Carroll used her money to invest in her singing career and she donated some of the money to charities. With the rest of the money left, Caroll has been living a retired luxurious life.



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