Noah Shannon Green is the oldest son of Meghan Fox and Brian Austin Green. During the interview with Glamour Magazine UK, Meghan broke into tears as she talked about her eldest son being bullied for wearing dresses.

The news about the celebrity child of Megan Fox, Noah Shannon Green wearing girly dresses and keeping long hair has been the topic of the town. As a result, her son Noah was bullied by his classmates. Let us learn in more detail regarding this uproar.


Noah Shannon Green son of Megan Fox: A victim of Bullying

Noah Shannon Green was born on 27th September 2012. He has already caught the attention at a very young age for being the child of a popular American sex symbol Megan Fox and actor, Brian Austin Green.

Megan Fox Son, Noah Shannon Green and Bodhi Ransom Green
Megan Fox Son(Middle), Noah Shannon Green(left), and Bodhi Ransom Green (Right) Source: Twitter

As Noah grew up, topics started surfacing, and he started to look more like a girl because of his girly features. The son of Megan Fox, Noah Shannon Green, was seen keeping long hair and having a sweet girly face. In addition to that, fans started questioning his gender and clothing preference.
Noah started wearing pink and girly dresses when he was only two years old, as his mother confessed. Noah attends a school in California. His mother, Megan, said that her son, Noah, once wore a pink dress to school, and when she asked how did the class react, Noah responded:

“Well, all the boys laughed when I came in, but I don’t care. I love dresses too much.”


Megan Fox’s son Noah loves designing dresses

Megan also proudly talked about how Noah loves dressing up and designing his own styles of dresses. He also enjoys drawing outfits. Noah has been spotted wearing Elsa’s gown from the famous animated series “Frozen.”

Noah Shannon Green
Noah Shannon Green Source: Slobodenpecat

Noah also helps his mother, Meghan, in her dress fittings. Noah’s parents, both Megan and Green, are supportive of Noah. According to Noah’s parents, if he wants to wear beautiful dresses and isn’t harming anyone, he should have fun in whatever he dresses up in, and it’s his life.


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