An American photographer, businessman, and producer Ross Naess is renowned for being Norwegian Millionaire Arne Naess Jr and Diana Ross. A good-looking and stunning personality guy Ross, born on 7 October 1987 in the United States of America, has established himself as a successful and popular man like his father.

The guy who grew along with his four siblings, including Rhonda Ross, Chudney Ross, Tracee Ross, and Evan Ross, has maintained a very close relationship, and they all are doing well like their father, Arne. His parents gave him all the love and support, making him a good guy with a good personality.

Ross Naess
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After turning from boy to adult, he started falling in love with his wife, Kimberly Ryan. Ross Naess and his wife Kimberly fell for each other after they met for the first time.

They started having quality time together and started feeling for each other deeply. This is because they lived in a relationship for so long and used to support each other to succeed in their career.

The love bird romance produced a son as a first child named Leif Naess. At that time, they were not married but were in a relationship.

After giving birth to their first child, Ross became a father, where Kimberly became a mother. Their love for each other increases more after they became parents.


A Wonderful Wedding Destination

Their loyalty, love, affection, and genuine feeling give an example to all the couples. For example, Ross Naess and his long-term girlfriend decided to get married while pregnant with another child.

A beautiful moment and the biggest day of their life came in the year 2016. Finally, they gave their relationship a name.

Ross Naess and Kimberly turned themselves from girlfriend and boyfriend to husband and wife in 2016. Ross did some planning to make their special function different and unique. As a couple, they both got real feelings for each other so that, Ross wanted everything real in his marriage.

He made the ring design for his wife, created by Bunny Bedi’s Made in Earth. After the ring, they decided on the wedding destination.

They searched for woodland, which should be near California, but that could feel them as far from their home. Later, they founded a beautiful destination as per their requirements at “Rancho Dos Pueblos” in Santa Barbara.

Ross Naess
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After having the best destination for their marriage, Ross Naess planned for their wedding. The couple decided to walk barefoot at the wedding and informed guests not to wear any shoes.

After they finalized their destination, they focused on what to wear. Kimberly took a feathered handmade ankle bracelet from Etsy with her custom ivory and decided to wear a gold bridal gown.

Similarly, the businessman and his wife decided to give designer Maria Korovilas to create a perfect look for her bohemian sensibility. Her hair and makeup were done by Emma Parkes of Goodform Salon and Lynn Simpson.

On their special occasion, there are 15 bridesmaids who all wear white dresses for the day. This is because they did their wedding under the tree that makes the love shape.

They held their marriage for three days where they decided to live in a beachside with the standard and high-level tents and for dinner, they provided all the things fresh and natural, as per their requirements.

This is not a simple wedding; it was a royal wedding, so that they did their wedding so nicely with full of dance, enjoyment, laughter, and fun.


Life After Marriage with Kimberly Ryan

Ross Naess and Kimberly gave birth to their second child as she is pregnant at their wedding. They named their second child, Indigo.

With great success in his career, he earned success in his personal life too. They seem to have fun with each other, and they are taking care more of their children. They are looking after their family business and enjoying the high standard lifestyle with various luxurious collections.

Money has never been a big issue in those families; they all seem to have their happy life.

Ross Naess
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As parents, they give their time to their children and provide them all the facilities for their children. Naess has posted many photos with his wife and children with a big smile, knowing they live happily.


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