Samantha Medina Romeo Santos is the rumored wife of popular American singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor Anthony “Romeo” Santos, popularly known by the name Romeo Santos. Romeo is well-known as a lead vocalist of the bachata group Aventura, who later gained popularity through his singles.

Samantha is also believed to be the “baby mama” of Romeo’s first son, Alex Damian Santos. Since Romeo is a very secretive person when it comes to revealing his partner, very less is known about Samantha. Let us discover more about her.


Alex Damian Santos’s Mother

Samantha Medina Romeo Santos was in a relationship with Romeo during his teen years. Romeo confessed that he ran away after knowing his then-girlfriend got pregnant with his first son, Alex Damian Santos. Samantha gave birth to Alex in 2002 and took responsibility for growing Alex on her own.

Samantha Medina Romeo Santos's son, Alex and ex-partner, Romeo
Samantha Medina Romeo Santos’s son, Alex, and ex-partner, Romeo Source: Webofbio

Samantha is a proud mother of Alex, who is often seen with his father, Romeo. When her then-lover ran away after her pregnancy, Samantha took care of her son and raised him. Therefore, we can say that Alex is proof of the relationship between Romeo and Samantha.

Discover more about Alex Damian Santos.

Is she Romeo Santos’s wife?

Since the news breakout of Romeo’s second son, his fans’ curiosity about his wife and past relationship is growing. But unfortunately, Romeo is a secretive person, and he refuses to talk about his partner.

Among his rumored wife, Samantha may be the possible candidate to be his wife. However, it is only based on rumors, as Romeo has been in relationships with several women in his life.


Where is Samantha Medina Romeo Santos today?

Samantha has kept a low profile since long before. She is often confused with the fitness coach, Samantha Medina. Samantha is very private and doesn’t own social media accounts. We believe she resides in the United States.

Samantha Medina Romeo Santos's ex-partner, Romeo and his new son
Samantha Medina Romeo Santos’s ex-partner, Romeo, and his new son Source: Celebsuburb

Who is the baby mama of Romeo Santos’s new son?

Unfortunately, no news has been revealed about the baby mother of Romeo’s new son, who was born in March 2019.

Romeo posted the feet of his second child, Valentino, on Instagram. But again, the name or pictures of his child’s mother is still disclosed to the public.



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