Sherrie Swafford was a former girlfriend of American singer and songwriter Stephen Ray Perry, popularly known by the name Steve Perry. She is the woman who inspired Steve Perry to write his number one hit song, “Oh Sherrie.” So what happened to her? Where is she now? Let us discover more about her.


How did Steve Perry meet Sherrie Swafford?

There has been no revelation regarding how their relationship began, but Sherrie’s appearance in the music video “Oh Sherrie” made a hot topic. The song was a blockbuster, and not only that, both Steve and Sherrie were recognized as 1980s romantic legends. Sherrie was a beautiful woman who could catch the attention of famous singers, and she eventually appeared in the music video of the song, which was inspired by herself.

Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry
Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry Source: Instagram

How long did Steve Perry date, Sherrie Swafford?

Steve and Sherrie have been dating since the early 1980s. After four years long relationship, Serve released his famous hit song “Oh Sherrie,” and Sherrie herself was featured in the music video. After the release of the music, not only the song but the romantic relationships between them were loved by the audiences.

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Like most love stories, the lovely relationship between Steve and Sherrie ended in 1986. Steve was doing well in his career along with his band. In the midst of fame and a busy life, the couple could no longer maintain their relationship, and they eventually broke up. The couple never got married, nor did they have any children together. The couple led a romantic relationship for six years.

Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry
Sherrie Swafford and Steve Perry Source: Instagram

Where is Sherrie Swafford now?

After the sad ending between Sherrie and Steve, Sherrie lives a normal life away from the spotlight. Sherrie remained unmarried her whole life. According to various sources, Sherrie used to work as a yoga teacher.

Sherrie also battled various diseases and also had successful hip surgery. There has been no information regarding her death; hence we believe she is still alive and living a retired life.


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