Stine Gyldenbrand or Stine Schmeichel is a Danish socialist who is best known for being the celebrity wife of Kasper Schmeichel, a Danish footballer.

Her spouse is a professional goalkeeper who plays for the Denmark national team and is a member of the Leicester City Football Club.

Quick Info
Birth Name
Stine Gyldenbrand
Later NameStine Schmeichel
Birth Date
Birth Place
Current City
Copenhagen, Denmark
University of Chester
Kasper Peter Schmeichel, aka
Kasper Schmeichel
Max Schmeichel (born.2010)
Isabella Schmeichel (born.2012)
Social Media
Socialist & Midwife
Net Worth$20 million (Shared with her husband)


Stine Gyldenbrand was born in 1986 somewhere in Denmark. Gyldenbrand hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her parents or exact birthdate yet or her hometown. Neither there is any information regarding her siblings. One thing about her that we are sure of is that Gyldenbrand has Danish nationality and white ethnicity.

Stine Gyldenbrand
Source: Facebook


Gyldenbrand is an educated woman. She completed high school in her hometown in Denmark. Gyldenbrand further moved to England to complete her Bachelor’s from the University of Chester in Chester. She has a degree in Midwife and is a proud Qualified Midwife.


How did Stine start her Career?

Stine is a qualified Midwife. She works in a hospital in Birmingham. As a midwife, she is a trained heal professional who specializes in the labor of women’s pregnancy and birth.

She is the co-founder of a foundation named FODBOLDFONDEN alongside Michelle Jensen and Sabrina Kvist. It is a football foundation that focuses on children’s safe childhood and their safe growth. It organizes several charity events and raises funds for child’s welfare.


Physical Description

Stine Gyldenbrand turned 35 years old in 2021 while her husband, Kasper Schmeichel recently celebrated his 34th birthday. She is a year older than her husband. There is no further detailed information regarding Gyldenbrand’s physical measurements but little do we know that she is a beautiful and charming woman. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She has an average body build.


When did Stine marry Kasper Peter Schmeichel?

Gyldenbrand first met Kasper Peter Schmeichel popularly known as Kasper Schmeichel in 2003 at Norreport Station, Copenhagen, Denmark. The couple confessed that it was love at first sight for both of them. Gyldenbrand was 18 years old back then while Kasper was 17 years old back then. Gyldenbrand supported Kasper through every thick and thin before he got famous.

Stine Gyldenbrand with her husband and childre after winning 2016 Premiere League Trophy
Stine with her husband and children after winning 2016 Premier League Trophy Source: Getty Images

Gyldenbrand and Kasper have been blessed with two children. Gyldenbrand gave birth to their first child, Max Schmeichel in 2010 and a daughter, Isabella Schmeichel in 2012. The couple dated for twelve years before finally tying their knot in 2015. The couple had a lavish wedding and both of their children were there to witness their beautiful wedding.


Social Media

Gyldenbrand is active on Instagram. Although she does not share much about her personal life, she gives us a little peek into her life. She has over 6.6 thousand followers on Instagram and can be connected with @stinesmeichel. Her husband also has over 997 thousand followers on Instagram and can be connected through @kaspermeichel.

Both Gyldenbrand and Schmeichel love to share about each other. They are proud to have each other. Gyldenbrand is very supportive of her husband and she makes sure to attend every event and match of her husband. Their love and support for each other can be clearly seen in their social media.

Stine Gyldenbrand
Image Source: ohmyfootball

What is Stine’s Current net worth?

There has been no estimation made regarding Gyldenbrand’s net worth yet. Since Gyldenbrand is working in a non-profit organization, we believe she does not have many earnings of her own. But she does not have anything to worry about as Gyldenbrand shares her net worth with her husband, Kasper Schmeichel. Her husband has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2021.

Gyldenbrand does not have many interests in luxurious things. She prefers to live a simple life and focus on social welfare.


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