Nadia Farmiga

Nadia Farmiga is an American woman who grabbed people’s attention for being the sister of celebrities like Vera Farmiga and Taissa Farmiga. Where was Nadia born and raised? Nadia Farmiga was born as a daughter of father Michael Farmiga and a mother, Lubomyra in New Jersey, the USA. She has six siblings named Laryssa Farmiga, […]

Laryssa Farmiga

An American-born Laryssa Farmiga is famous for being the sister of popular American actress, director, and producer Vera Farmiga and actress Taissa Farmiga. Where was Laryssa born and raised? Laryssa Farmiga was born in New Jersey, United States, to a father, Michael Farminga, and a mother, Lubomyra. She has six siblings: Victor, Vera, Stephan, Nadia, […]