Angry Grandma is a popular American celebrity who was born with the full name of Judy Ward. She is famous all over the world for her YouTube channel where she posts prank videos and funny humorous videos. This American YouTuber has a self-titled YouTube channel name ‘ Angry Grandma‘ and she posts her content related to primarily posts reactions, rants, and prank videos. 

Along with YouTube, Angry aka Judy Ward is also very famous in her other social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, and has gained thousands of followers there.

Quick Wiki 
Full NameAngry Grandma
Date of Birth18th February, 1994
Birth PlaceTexas, United States of America
Age77 years
Body Measurement
Grand Children3
Net Worth500 thousand dollars

Where was Angry born and raised?

Angry Grandma came to this world in the year 1944, on 18th February. This makes her 77 years old now with a birth sign Aquarius. Grandma was born in the United States of America and raised there only by her parents. With that, she holds an American citizenship card.

Angry Grandma
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Her zodiac element is Air, zodiac symbol is Water Bearer, zodiac quality is Fixed, sign rulers is Saturn (Traditional) and Uranus (Modern), Detriment is Sun, Exaltation is None, and Fall is Neptune. Her birthstone is Sugilite. With that, her lucky numbers are 3, 9, and 2 and her lucky colors are Yellow and Red.

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Like how all Aquarius is, Judy Ward is also very assertive, analytical, and original. Her humanitarian, easy-going and independent character is something that people love about her. Similarly, her overly emotional, impatient, and short-tempered character is something that people don’t like about her. She gets angry a few soon.


How was Grandma’s childhood like?

Angry used to live in an apartment by herself but now she got moved in with her grandson Jacob. She is very close with he grandchildren and also with her childrens. Her grandson, Jacob has helped her to create her YouTube channel and is also helping her to upload videos and content in her YouTube channel.

She also has two granddaughters named  Carolina and Shelby. Angry Grandma used to own a pet dog named Dash but he is no more now. Judy Ward was raised alongside her 11  siblings.

She got her graduation degree from the local university of her hometown.


How did Angry start her Career?

After creating a self-titled YouTube channel name ‘ Angry Grandma‘ on 22nd April 2010 with the help of her grandson Jacob, grandma uploaded her first video on 2nf January 2013. That video was titled ‘ End of The  World Prank | Angry Grandma| ( HD) ‘ and it has 152 thousand views in it.

Jake and Judy Ward are very funny and they are continuously making funny videos on YouTube.

Their most popular video, ‘ ANNOYING ANGRY GRANDMA FOR 24 HOURS ! ‘ was posted on 24th August 2019. This video has been successful in gathering 857 thousand views along with 12 thousand likes and 1.3 thousand comments. Some of her popular videos are,’ Exploding Cigarette PRANK! ON GRANDMA!  ‘, ‘ LOUD MUSIC PRANK ON SLEEPING GRANDMA ‘,’ GRANDMA POOPS HER PANTS IN STORE!’ , ‘ Conjuring 2 PRANK ON GRANDMA !’, ‘ Michael Myers PRANK ON GRANDMA !! ‘  and so on.

She always wanted an Xbox and after requesting it for a long time to her grandson, she got one in Christmas 2016. Actually, Judy Ward loves to eat chips and candy, smoke cigarettes, go out to the store, watch television, and do a lot of other entertaining things.

Angry Grandma
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Who was Grandma married to?

Angry Grandma is 77 years old now and is a widow of her passed husband. She is now living and enjoying her single life in the virtual world after the death of her husband. She has three grandchildren in total. She is very close with her grandson Jacob and she lives with him. Jacob and Judy Ward make a lot of videos on YouTube.


Social Media

Angry Grandma is pretty much active in her social media. She has an Instagram account of username @therealangrygrandma with 57.7 thousand followers and 400+ followings.

Similarly, she is also available on Twitter with the username of @Breathecarolan and has 29.9 thousand followers there along with 170+ followings.

Angry Grandma
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Net Worth

Judy Ward’s YouTube channel has published more than 639 videos for now. With that, Angry Grandma’s networth exceeds more than 500 thousand dollars. Surely, she is living a luxurious life with her grandson Jacob.



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