Philipp Dettmer

Philipp Dettmer is popularly known as a founder and the head writer of the German animation and design studio “Kurzgesagt”. “Kurzgesagt” is concerned with creating animated videos that are related to science and is also known as the largest science channel on YouTube. Bio Philipp was born in 1978 in Munich, Germany and currently, he […]


ImDontai is an American social media personality who gained more popularity and success after posting many game-playing and other exciting videos on his YouTube channel. Where was ImDontai Born and Raised? ImDontai, whose real name is Dontai Anthony Ethridge, was born on 2 September 1992 in Virginia in a well family. Currently, he is at […]

Andy Schrock

Andy Schrock is an American-born famous and successful YouTuber, popularly known for posting many videos, including Skateboarding, about his lifestyles and more fun videos on his YouTube channel. Where was Andy born and raised? Andy Schrock was born on 10 January 1984 in Cincinnati, Ohio, the USA, in the well family. Currently, she is at […]

Garrett Hilbert

Garrett Hilbert is an American YouTuber or reality show performer who is known for his amazing real-life trick shows performances and game challenges on YouTube. He is also one of the founding members of the American well-known sports and comedy group, Dude Perfect (DP). Where was Garrett born and raised? Garrett Hilbert was born on […]

Jenn Mcallister

Jenn Mcallister is an American-born actress and YouTuber, famous for posting fun videos on her YouTube channel and also known for playing the leading role in “Foursome” and “All Night”. Since 2008, she is working actively in her career. Where was Jenn born and raised? Jenn Mcallister was born on 9 July 1996 in Holland, […]