Paige Taylor

Paige Taylor or Paige Taylor Evans is an American scrapbook enthusiast and specialist. She is known for her creative arts and crafts, coplic books, cards, create albums, and many more. Where was Paige Born and Raised? Taylor was born on 28th May 1985 in Seattle, United States. She was born under the birth sign Gemini. […]

Travis Bacon

Travis Bacon is an American singer and actor known for his appearance in the television movies “Loverboy” and “Girls Weekend.” He is also one of the band members of American black metal called Black Anvil. He is famous for being the son of American stars Kyra Sedgewick and Kevin Bacon. Who are the Parents of […]

Catherine Mcdonnell

Catherine Mcdonnell is an American businesswoman who is well-known for being the wife of professional Spanish basketball player Pau Gasol. She was a normal independent working woman before marrying a famous basketball player. She became the center of attraction after meeting Paul. Bio Mcdonnell was born on 22nd May 1989 in the United States. She […]

Jenn Barlow

Jenn Barlow is an American television personality, producer, director, and writer. She is best known for her work in the short documentary “Aviation Eye Candy,” She received Emmy Award. She is also the host for the KSWM-Tv and The History Channel. Where was Jenn Barlow born and raised? Jenn Barlow was born on 23rd January […]

Marco Garibaldi

Marco Garibaldi is an Italian-American entrepreneur, producer, and programmer who came into the light for being the ex-partner of Priscilla Presley, an American businesswoman. Where was Marco born and raised? Garibaldi, whose real name is Marco Antonio Garcia, was born in 1955 in Palmi, Calabria, Italy, in a well family. Currently, he is about the […]

Lira Galore

Lira Galore is an American Instagram star who came into the light after a hip-hop fashion magazine photoshoot. Besides this, she also grabbed people’s attention after her name linked to many celebrities, including Rick Ross, Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas, and more. Bio Lira Galore was born on 31 August 1993 in Houston, TX, as a daughter […]

Radiojh Audrey

Radiojh Audrey is an American YouTuber who gained fame from her early childhood after posting videos of her doll’s collections. She has now accumulated over 200 million views on her YouTube channel videos. Starting from her doll collection and shopping, she is now a well-known Minecraft game streamer. Where was Radiojh born and raised? Radiojh […]

Pete Hegseth

Pete Hegseth is an American television personality known for his work as a host and contributor for Fox News Channel. He has also served in Army National Guard as an officer and in Vets for Freedom as an executive director. He is one of the strong supporters of former President Donald Trump. Bio Pete was […]