Johnny Tillotson

Johnny Tillotson is an American-born singer-songwriter who is popularly known for his work in songs like “Poetry in Motion”, “It Keeps Right On a-Hurtin” and “Without You” which made it to the top list on Billboard. Where was Johnny born and raised? Johnny Tillotson was born on 20 April 1938 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States […]

Meghan Currie

Meghan Currie, a social media influencer who lives in the United States, Gained fame through vlogs, beauty routines, and various other themes in her content. Through her unique way of charm, Meghan makes her content with a unique way of entertainment. Whether she’s sharing personal accessories, sharing beauty techniques, or exploring different topics in her […]

Jeff Gutt

Jeff Gutt is an American-born musician, singer, and vocalist, famous for being the lead singer for the band Stone Temple Pilots. Since 1992, he has been working actively in his music career. Jeff gained fame as a contestant on the reality television singing competition “The X Factor” in 2013. He gained popularity for his powerful […]

Michael Bolwaire

Michael Bolwaire is indeed an American actor and model who has gained recognition for his portrayal of the character Bolo in the “Chocolate City” film series. His performances in movies like “Chocolate City” and “Chocolate City 3: Live Tour” have contributed to his popularity in the entertainment industry. Bolwaire’s career and background may vary, but […]

Sonny Sandoval

Sonny Sandoval is a well-known American-born singer, rapper, and songwriter renowned as a co-founder and the lead vocalist of a metal band named “P.O.D”. Since 1992, he has been working actively in his career. Where was Sonny born and raised? Sonny Sandoval, whose real name is Paul Joshua “Sonny” Sandoval,” was born on 16 May […]

Tyler Hynes

Tyler Hynes is a Canadian-born actor and filmmaker who has grabbed the attention of many people because of his outstanding performance in the movies and series. He is working actively in his career since 1994 and is working more to get more success. Where was Tyler born and raised? Tyler Hynes, whose real name is […]

Ron Fisico

Who is Trish Stratus’s husband? Ron Fisico is the proud husband of famous Canadian professional wrestler, Patricia Anne Stratigias, popularly known by the ring name Trish Stratus. His wife, Trish, is considered one of the greatest women performers in wrestling. She will be making her appearance in the show “Canda’s Got Talent” as the judge. As the husband of […]

Who is Juanita Arias?

Juanita Arias, aka Juana Arias, is a Colombian actress well-known for her appearance in “Android Insurrection” and “Run Coyote Run.” She has been able to gain international fame thanks to her increasingly successful movies. Let us dive into the life of a talented Colombian actress. Quick Info: Birth Name Juana Arias Birth Date 6th May […]

Casey Beane

Who is Casey Beane? Casey Beane is the eldest daughter of former American professional baseball player William Lamar Beane III, popularly known as Billy Beane. Billy is currently serving as front office executive as well as executive vice president of baseball operations. He also has minor ownership at Oakland Athletics of MLB, Barnsley FC of […]