How did Mila Kunis convinced her Husband cancel his ticket for going into space? Ashton Kutcher Space Odyssey will be postponed for now.

Ashton Kutcher, the actor known for his role as Michael Kelso in ‘That 70s Show, was set to travel to space on a Virgin Galactic flight if it wasn’t for his wife, Mila Kunis, who stopped to make him change his mind.    Virgin Galactic Spaceship Ticket Price The 43-year-old actor had purchased a ticket […]

Jackie Mason, one of the last borscht belt comedians, dies a normal death at the age of 93. How was the life of a legendary comedian and how did he rise to fame?

Jackie Mason, the stand-up comedian who was known as an icon in the performing arts industry and held a series of one-man shows on Broadway, has died on Sunday in his home in Manhattan, New York, at the age of 93.    His death was confirmed by his close friend Raoul Felder, stated a column […]

How did Kate Winslet and Jim Threapleton daughter Mia Honey Threapleton entered the world of acting? How is Kate life after all those breakup?

It might come as a surprise to many of us that Kate Winslet has a daughter who has now followed her mom’s footsteps and entered the world of acting. The 20-year-old has just made a debut in the movie industry entirely on her without revealing the fact that she was the daughter of Kate Winslet, […]

Ex-husband of Kavita Kundra and Father of Deleena Kundra, Raj Kundra arrested for pornographic case. Shilpa Shetty has not talked anything about her husband behavior.

On Tuesday, The Esplanade Court in Mumbai has sentenced Raj Kundra, businessman and husband to actress Shilpa Shetty, to 72-hour police custody for questioning and investigation after being arrested for allegedly producing and distributing pornographic content via social media.    How is Raj Kundra Caught? Kundra, a British citizen by birth, has been charged with […]

The royal wedding of the son of millionaire Ross Naess and Kimberly Ryan and their childrens. How is the couple standard of life after their marriage?

An American photographer, businessman, and producer Ross Naess is renowned for being Norwegian Millionaire Arne Naess Jr and Diana Ross. A good-looking and stunning personality guy Ross, born on 7 October 1987 in the United States of America, has established himself as a successful and popular man like his father. The guy who grew along […]

Twin Brothers Max Carver and Charlie Carver to appear in the mysterious role in the movie The Batman in 2022. Robert Pattinson is in the main role as Batman.

Max Carver and Charlie Carver are identical twin brothers who have introduced themselves as popular and successful twin brothers. They starred together in several hit series, including “Desperate Housewives”, “Teen Wolf”, “The Leftovers”, and more. Max Carver, whose real name is Robert Maxwell Martensen, was born on 1 August 1988 in San Francisco, California, the […]

Eysteinn Sigurðarson who is casted as Sigtryggr a Danish warlord in the other seasons is likely to appear as a lead role in The Last Kingdom season 5.

An Icelandic actor Eysteinn Sigurdarson, born in Reykjavik, Iceland, is popularly known for appearing in several movies and series, including “Trapped” and “The Last Kingdom”. Eysteinn is a good-looking and talented actor who earned success and popularity after playing his breakthrough role as Sigtryggr in the Danish warlord, in season 4 of a British historical […]

Being a single mother after a tragic divorce with First Husband Joe Gonzalez, How did Sofía Vergara met her current husband Joe Manganiello?

A stunning and highest-paid Columbian-American actress, television producer, presenter, and model, Sofía Vergara has gained huge fame and success in her career. Her real name is Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara, and she was born on 10 July 1972 in Barranquilla, Colombia, to a father, Julio Enrique Robayo, and a mother, Margarita Vergara.   High School […]

Facts on Carolyn Bruck leaving WCNC-TV. What others are rumoring through their social media about the TV personality?

A beautiful and talented American multimedia journalist, Carolyn Bruck has gained love and support from her fans and followers. In her career, she worked for so many news shows, including WCNC-TV news. Before working for WCNC-TV, Bruck started her career after working for KHSL/KNVN as a general assignment reporter. She used to cover all the […]

What happened to the John Cena First Wife Elizabeth Huberdeau? Is wrestler single or married after his first love of life broke up?

One of the greatest names in wrestling history is John Cena, whose real name is John Felix Anthony Cena, who has established himself as a professional wrestler, actor, and television presenter. He has gained all the fame and success in his career, but to talk about his personal life, he has ups and downs. He […]