American film is one of the best movie producers in the world with different actors and actresses. One of the renowned names in the industry is Chris Evans. We all are familiar with the name Chris if we are fund of American movies or say Hollywood movies. Hollywood movies had different segments of its product, which are action movies, series, romantic movies, and other comedy series as well.

Quick Info
Full NameChristopher Robert Evans
Date of BirthJune 13, 1981
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts
ParentsG Robert Evans III (Father)
Lisa Capuano (Mother)
ProfessionActor, Model, Producer, Director
Wife(s)Natasha Shishmanian ​ ​ (2007- Current)​
Age39 years
Height6 ft 0 in
Net WorthUS $80 million

Chris is a widespread name in the movie industry. He is one of the actors who play mostly superhero roles in the movies. With his intelligence and diligence, he made his place in the movie industry. Chris is one the name which played significant roles in a different cinematic film.

Chris Evans


Chris Evans is one of the well-renowned actors who has contributed a lot to the American movie industry with different blockbuster movies. He was born on June 13, 1981, in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.  He is one of the talented actresses among the American film industry. He is known for the famous actor named captain America in which he contributed a role as Superhero and which is also one the most liked movies in the world.

He belongs to the acting family as his mother worked as an art director in the theatre named Concord Youth, and has father was a doctor. He attended his school at Lincoln Sudbury local high school from where his interest goes on increasing for acting. He participated in different school plays as well, and later, he decided to take it seriously for his future. Then after graduation, Chris Evans migrated to New York and then gave his attention to the regular classes for acting involving in film institutes.



Career section every article consists of how a person started his career path in which gear. Success all matters in life, but the thing that matters more than success is how you drive success. Chris started his career form the modelling sector, where he modelled for Tyler in the episodes of Hasbro’s board game.

Later his friend encourages him to give audition for the different television roles and films as well, which was his starting path for the career. After encouragement from friends, he starts auditioning for small parts, and later in 2000, he appeared as a guest actor on the CBS series named “The Fugitive.” In that series, Chris Evans played the role of the son of the Sheriff of a village.

Chris Evans

Soon with the recognition of his name in the industry, he made his presence in movies as well in starting he played in different small budget movies as he is preparing himself for better movies. With the time in the year 2000, Chris Evans appeared in his first significant movie named “Not Another Teen Movies,” which is a teen comedy movie. After the success of this movie, he goes lead in the different movies as a lead actor like “the perfect score “and “Cellular,” but he usually doesn’t like the chocolaty roles and wants action roles.

By understanding that he got the role in the movie “Fierce Peoples in which he played the role of a drug addict. In the year he first debuted in a superhero role. Chris Evans played his first superhero role from the very famous movie fantastic four, and it made him one of the favourite characters of the comic books as well. He also played movies like Street kings as a detective role. He played the next movie, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond”.

In the year of 2005, Chris Evans played his first and a fantastic superhero character. Fantastic Four Sequels are loved by the audience, which has focused on the role of Chris Evans. Then Chris Evans came to Avengers in 2012, which is also a very famous movie based on superheroes where he played the role of Captain America.



Height is taken as an essential factor in the conventional film industry, but with then passes of time, the people’s choices and preferences in the film have been different day bay day. So now, viewers want a perfect character for a specific role, not with all that conventional thinking. Chris Evans has a height of 1.83 m, and he has an attractive face and physical body structure as well. It might be because the profession here demands good physical form as well as an engaging personality.

Chris Evans

Actor means representing the different roles she has should be of the capability to act on the other parts as they are influence groups or reference groups for the people, so they usually have a charming look. So here, Chris is the one with a good personality and blond talent in acting. Chris Evans is a citizen of America and has nationality in America. He is one of the American actors who has made the character captain American made famous in the whole world with his glamorous acting.



His parents are G Robert Evans III and mother, Lisa Capuano. His siblings are Scott Evans, Shanna Evans, Carly Evans. Chris Evans spouse is Carol McGiffin ​ ​ (1998) ​ Billie Piper ​​ (2007)​ Natasha Shishmanian ​ ​ (2007- Current)​



Official net worth: $ 80 million

Average salary: Approx. $15 Million and $ 1 million only for Captain America