A beautiful and talented American multimedia journalist, Carolyn Bruck has gained love and support from her fans and followers. In her career, she worked for so many news shows, including WCNC-TV news. Before working for WCNC-TV, Bruck started her career after working for KHSL/KNVN as a general assignment reporter. She used to cover all the breaking news.

Later, she moved to Fresno, California, where she began working as a lead reporter and anchor for NBC affiliate KSEE 24. In 2015, she joined WCNC-TV, and from that year, she began working actively as a weekday morning anchor. She has gained more fame and success in her career, which made her receiving all the love and support from her fans and followers.

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Sarah French says Fact

According to her fans and followers, it came to know that she has quit her latest role in WCNC-TV, which creates so many rumors and many people started to have curiosity about this decision. The rumor came after Carolyn Bruck’s co-worker Sarah French tweeted on her Twitter account where she has tweeted:


Carolyn Bruck
Source: twitter


Likewise, Carolyn Bruck also did not make any confirmation about the rumor so that, many people started to ask her about the rumor on her social media accounts. Her fans get so confused and surprised that they want confirmations about this gossip and started asking on her Twitter account.

Her fans and followers, including “@10Bosshogg” and “@rmyers1963”, have tweeted about the rumors:


Carolyn Bruck
Source: twitter


Carolyn Bruck
Source: twitter


After creating suspension, Sarah French tweets:

“That was yesterday! She’s taking some time off, so I’m helping out”.

The statement clears some suspensions about the rumors, but her fans were worried about her so, they wanted to know what happened to Carolyn Bruck and why she had to take some break from her WCNC-TV.

Further, it came to know that she is having some health issues, which made her take some rest for a while.

Has Sarah French Moved to Morning?

Carolyn Bruck has to rest as she was going through some health issues and has symptoms of COVID-19. In a tweet that Sarah French wrote, she clarifies that she is only helping Carolyn as she has to take leave from her work for a while.

So, Sarah is only helping Carolyn Bruck, and in further days, Bruck will join with her co-anchor in WCNC-TV.

Carolyn Bruck
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Isolating in March 2020

Carolyn Bruck had to self-isolate because she was facing severe flu-like symptoms, body pain, and fever. After having these kinds of health issues, she decided to take a break from the WCNC-TV headquarters.

She went through tough times, and she has to maintain distance from her loved ones as she has the symptoms of COVID-19 so, she was self-isolated. She had a problem in her throat, and her body feels tired and had a fever, which made her weak, but she had to fight with it.


Ben Thompson Updates Regarding Carolyn Bruck 

Additionally, she had a call with her co-anchor and husband, Ben Thompson, where she gave more updates about her health conditions. In the call, she stated that,

She woke up in the middle of the night one week ago with the worst headache I’ve ever had”. In that time, she also explained,My body ached, really bad chills, a fever of 102 degrees”.

Carolyn Bruck
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Later, Carolyn Bruck took some advice from doctors as she was suffering from flu or strep throat. After suffering from some health issues with symptoms like COVID-19, she did the COVID-19 test but is waiting for her test result. She has to take more rest and care of her as the pandemic has created an emotional environment, and every country has to bear the losses.

She also expressed that she is very happy to know that her fans and followers are asking about her and thanked them for supporting and loving her. After that, she also suggested not to take COVID-19 as a joke and to take proper heath safety measurements.


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