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Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway is the woman who had strong spiritual power with the attribute of the pollster, political Counselor, and pundit in the administration of the United States of America. She became the first successful woman to have run U.S presidential campaign. Previously she was appointed as a manager of Donald Trump’s campaign in August 2016. […]

Tony Todd

EARLY LIFE Superstar Tony Todd was born on 4th December 1954 in Washington, D.C, the capital city of the United States. Though he was born there, his parents moved to Hartford, Connecticut, later. He grew up there along with his only sister Monique Dupree. It is believed he had a brother but nothing to be […]

Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner is known as the name of Jacob Black, which is the character of the most popular and blockbuster series Twilight. He is the famous American actor, model, and also known as the voice actor who was usually known for the sex symbol for everyone.  He got the second position in the top 50 […]

Alison Brie

EARLY LIFE Alison Brie was born on 29th December in 1982 in the city of California called Hollywood. Her full name is Alison Brie Schermerhorn, and her nationality is American. Her family Charles Terry Schermerhorn (father), works as a reporter in entertainment as a freelancer while her mother, Joanne Brenner, works for a non-profit organization […]

Colin Farrell

EARLY LIFE Colin Farrell was born on 31st May in 1976. His full name is Colin James Farrell, and he was born to Eamon Farrell (father) and Rita Farrell (mother) in the Castleknock of Dublin in Ireland. Thus, his nationality is Irish. He has a brother and two sisters in his family name, Eamon Jr., […]

Tyra Banks

Well, Tyra Banks, at a point, was a struggler who got rejected many times to be a model before entering the world of fashion. However, Tyra didn’t quit, and now she is one of the most fantastic models and Television actress of all time. Struggling is a part of our lives. We work through our […]

Ken Jennings

Once, the name Ken Jennings is very famous in the world of the game. He is one of the highest-earning Game show contestants as well. He won for the consecutive 74 games in the show Jeopardy and created the record. He also created the recorder of the highest-earning Game show contestant as he was paid […]

Tom Bergeron

The full name of Tom Bergeron as Thomas Raymond Bergeron. There is one industry considered to be one of the best measures to reflect reality and the best means for people to entertain themselves. That industry is renowned for the name film industry. Americans have names there in the industry like Hollywood, Bollywood. So although […]

Brandon Blackstock

Brandon Blackstock is an American citizen who is professionally a businessman. He is a multi-talent or says versatile personality in America as he does not limit himself in a single profession. Brandon is the life partner of Kelly Clarkson. He is the excellent show Kelly Clarkson who manages the different events and concerts of that […]

Wayne Rooney

WHO IS WAYNE ROONEY? Wayne Rooney is an English professional football player who is currently in his captaincy for the football club named Derby County in England. Rooney is known as one of the best footballers all around the world and has also received the title of England Player of the Year four times. He […]