Mary Mouser

Acting is a great deal when it comes to entertainment. Good acting can better your mood, while worse, one will leave you hanging with your cringe face. Many young actors struggle to act right and with their useless act fails us to entertain us. However, this isn’t the case for Mary Mouser. When it comes […]

Petrice Jones

Why Is  Petrice Jones Popular? Petrice Jones is an English actor who is known for his television role in the series Step Up: High Water and Locke & Key alongside Sherri Saum and Jackson Robert Scott. He is also further known for his role as Shotgun in the action, crime film, iBoy.   Where was Petrice […]

Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling is an English star, model, and singer who is a popular face in European arthouse movies. She has had numerous roles in English, French and Italian arthouse movies and is also popular as a fashion icon. She is an icon for the ‘Swinging Sixties, a youth-driven cultural revolution of the United Kingdom that […]