Who is Lori Lightfoot’s adopted daughter?

 Vivian Lightfoot is the adopted daughter of American attorney and politician Lori Elaine Lightfoot, simply Lori Lightfoot. Her mother, Lori, is the 56th mayor of Chicago and a member of the Democratic Party. Additionally, Lori is the first LGBT black woman ever to be elected as the mayor of the United States.

Vivian is the only daughter of a famous political figure which automatically makes her a subject of the public’s curiosity. Let us learn detailed information about Vivian and her life.

Quick Info
Birth Name
Vivian Lightfoot
Birth Date
12th November 2008
14 years old in November 2022
Birth Place
United States
Current City
Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago
Lori Lighfoot and Amy Eshelman
Private School at Chicago
Zodiac Sign
Height and WeightN/A
Afro Brown
Social Media
Net Worth$3 million (Shared with her mothers)


Bio & Nationality

 Vivian Lightfoot was born on 12th November 2008 somewhere in the United States. She is the adopted child of Lori Lightfoot and Amy Eshelman. There was no detailed information on the time when Lori adopted her, but she grew up in a wealthy household where all eyes of the public were set.

Vivian is an American, and she has African-American ethnicity. In addition, she possesses the birth sign Scorpio.

Vivian Lightfoot with her family
Vivian Lightfoot with her family Source: Instagram

Who is Vivian Lightfoot’s father? 

Any information regarding Vivian’s biological father and mother has been disclosed. Her new adoptive parents are LGBT parents, so she has two mothers.

Her mother, Lori, is known by everyone as she is the current mayor of Chicago. Vivian’s other mother, Amy Eshleman, is a former Chicago Public Library assistant commissioner. She is currently serving as an education consultant.

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How old is Vivian Lightfoot today?

 Vivian is 13 years old and will celebrate her 14th birthday in November 2022. She is growing up to be a beautiful girl. Vivian possesses African-American features as she has afro brown hair and dark skin.

Vivian occasionally makes her appearance at public events with her parents. She maintains a simple outlook. Further information regarding her sexuality is still unknown to us.


What school does Vivian Lightfoot attend?

 Vivian is currently attending a secondary school somewhere in Chicago. Her parents initially wanted her to enroll at a community school but couldn’t as they found that the education system at public schools was not good. 


Personal Life

Vivian Lightfoot is very private, and her mother has prioritized safety of Vivian over anything else. As a result, bad comments flooded her mother, Lori Lightfoot’s Instagram account. Maybe it is one reason Vivian doesn’t possess her social media handle.

Talking about her life with friends and her relationship is yet another mystery to us.

Vivian Lightfoot and her grandmother
Vivian Lightfoot and her grandmother Source: Instagram

Instagram and other social media accounts

Unfortunately, Vivian Lightfoot is not present on any social media platforms as she has limited herself away from the public spotlight and interactions. But we can find her on her parent’s Instagram handle. Her mother, Lori Lightfoot, has over 222 thousand followers on Instagram, where she goes by @chicagosmayor. Her other mother, Amy Eshleman, has over 6.5 thousand followers and goes by the name @thechifirstlady on Instagram.

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Where is Vivian Lightfoot today?

 Vivian resides in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago with her two mothers and a pet dog. Like in other households, there has been a time when her mothers fought and raised controversy regarding her mother, Amy, cheating on Lori. However, everything has been settled, and her parents are still together, leading a happy life.

Vivian Lightfoot attending her mother's acceptance as Chicago mayor in May 2019
Vivian Lightfoot attending her mother’s acceptance as Chicago mayor in May 2019 Source: Instagram

Talking about Vivian’s lifestyle, she is the daughter of two successful women. Her mother, Lori, has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022. While her mother, Amy, is also making quite an amazing sum from her career. In that sense, we can say that Vivian lives a luxurious life as she is also open to many opportunities.

Vivian also appeared in a commercial with her mother, Lori, for the Chicago mayor campaign in May 2021. 


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