Amy Slaton

Amy Slaton gained fame as a social media personality, primarily recognized for her role in the reality television series “1000-lb Sisters.” The show chronicles the journey of Amy and her sister, Tammy Slaton, as they navigate through life while dealing with their weight-related challenges. Alongside her sister, Amy has captivated audiences with her candid portrayal […]

Jim Skrip

Jim Skrip is an American-born successful real estate agent and businessman who grabbed people’s attention as the husband of American singer, actress, and fashion designer Vanessa Williams.   Bio Jim Skrip was born on 1 November 1962 in Buffalo, New York as a son of a father, Frederick Skrip, and mother, Annette J. Skrip. He […]

Samuel Joseph Mozes

Who is Cynthia Nixon’s eldest son? Samuel Joseph Mozes, aka Seth Mozes, is a celebrity child famous as the son of American actress, activist, and theater director Cynthia Nixon. Bio Samuel Joseph Mozes was born on 8 November 1996 in New York, the United States of America as a son of a father, Danny Mozes […]

Vivian Lightfoot

Who is Lori Lightfoot’s adopted daughter?  Vivian Lightfoot is the adopted daughter of American attorney and politician Lori Elaine Lightfoot, simply Lori Lightfoot. Her mother, Lori, is the 56th mayor of Chicago and a member of the Democratic Party. Additionally, Lori is the first LGBT black woman ever to be elected as the mayor of the United States. Vivian is the […]

Zayden Banks

Zayden Banks is an American-born child who earned people’s attention for being the son of American rapper and singer Lil Durk. Bio Zayden Banks was born on 1 November 2013 in the USA as a son of a father Lil Durk but his mother’s identity remained still private from the media. He has five siblings […]

Elizabeth Ashley Wharton

­­Who is Vince Neil’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth Ashley Wharton?  Elizabeth Ashley Wharton, Elle Loomis is the eldest daughter of famous American musician, Vincent Neil Wharton, popularly known by the stage name, Vince Neil. Vince is the lead vocalist of the popular American heavy metal band, Motley Crue. He has also released solo albums outside of the band. As […]

Seven Sirius Benjamin

Who is Andre 3000’s and Erykah Badu’s only child/son?  Seven Sirius Benjamin is the only child of famous American rapper, singer, actor, and songwriter, Andre Lauren Benjamin, popularly known by the stage name, Andre 3000, and his ex-partner who is also a singer-songwriter and actress, Erica Abi Wright, popularly known by the stage name, Erykah Badu. Being the only […]