Weslie Fowler, whose real name is Weslie Renae Fowler, was born in the United States, on 26 May 2008, as a daughter of a mother, Allison Holker, but her biological father’s name is still missing from the media. Her mother and father were not married, but they had engaged.

Later, Weslie Fowler’s mother fell in love with her step-father Stephen “tWitch” Boss, and their relationship grew into a marriage, so Stephen Boss adopted Weslie. She is getting success and popularity because of her father, Stephen, and they seem very close.

Let’s know more about her father and mother:


Weslie Fowler’s real parents

Weslie Fowler was born to a mother, Allison Holker, whose real name is Allison Renae Holker Boss. Currently, her mother is 34 years old and is popular for being an American dancer.

Weslie Fowler gained people’s attention as a daughter of celebrities like Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss. However, Stephen Boss, whose real name is Stephen Laurel “tWitch” Boss, is not her biological father. Instead, Stephen is her step-father, who adopted her as his daughter.

Weslie Fowler
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Her father, Stephen, is a successful American freestyle hip hop dancer, choreographer, actor, television producer, and television personality who is currently 39 years old. Besides this, she is quiet about her biological father, so there is still more to know about her personal life.

Further, when Weslie was born, her biological parents were not married, but they were engaged. However, they were in a romantic relationship, so their romance made them give birth to Weslie Fowler.

Later, her mother married Stephen “tWitch” Boss, and he adopted her. However, before adopting Weslie Fowler, Stephen took time to know if his relationship with Allison would be long-lasting or not, so he did not hang out with Weslie Fowler before he knew that Allison was his soulmate.

Later, Stephen decided to get married to Allison, and he adopted Weslie Fowler as his daughter after getting married on 10 December 2013. So, he is currently fulling his responsibility as a father.


What is the relationship between Allison Holker and Weslie Fowler?


Weslie Fowler’s siblings

After Weslie Fowler’s parents’ marriage, her father and mother gave birth to their son Maddox on 27 March 2016. Then, they also confirmed that they were expecting another child in May 2019. Later, they had a daughter named Zaia on 3 November 2019. Weslie Fowler seems close to her siblings, and they seem adorable together.

Weslie Fowler
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Know more about Weslie Fowler:


About Weslie Fowler

Weslie Fowler is an American-born beautiful and talented girl famous for being the daughter of celebrities like Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss. Allison’s mother has established herself as a successful American dancer who made her appearances in “So You Think You Can Dance,” which is a television dance competition.

On the other hand, her father, Stephen Boss, has also established himself as a well-known American freestyle hip hop dancer, television producer, choreographer, actor, and television personality. He made his appearances in “So You Think You Can Dance,” “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and more.

Weslie Fowler
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Being a daughter of celebrities, she is gaining more popularity in her life. We can see her beautiful pictures and videos on her Instagram account, where she is active with the tag name (“@weslierboss”).

On her Instagram, she has 106K followers and posted 96 posts. Her parents have managed her Instagram account. She is getting more popular as a social media star and a daughter of celebrities at a young age.


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