Rorochan_1999 was a Japanese teenage girl who was born in 1999. She was a streamer interested in making videos and streaming on the internet. However, she seemed very secret, so she didn’t reveal her face in the videos she made.

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She is a preserved person who likes to keep herself alone so that many thoughts in her mind have been created. Rorochan_1999 became the talk of the town after she committed suicide jumping from the balcony of the 13th floor of her apartment.

Because of her suicide decision at a young age, many people are desperate to know about the reasons behind her suicide.


Details about Rorochan_1999

Rorochan_1999 was a kind and young girl who kept her life secret and also didn’t reveal her face as she mostly covered her face with a mask and other boxes. So, it becomes hard to get all the details about her personal life and appearances.

However, she was just in her teenage, when she committed suicide. She seemed to like sharing her singing and playing pianos videos on the internet. Likewise, she used to practice dangerous stunts that she posted on the internet.

As Rorochan_1999 seems secretive about her personal life, her educational background is also missing, and many things are still unknown about her. However, she used to stream live videos on the internet, so that her suicide video was also streamed by her that grabbed people’s attention.


What Happen To Rorochan_1999?

A fourteen-year-old girl committed suicide from the 13th-floor apartment by jumping from her balcony. Her suicide video was also live-streamed by herself, where she committed suicide on 24 November 2013. In addition, a young girl took her own life and also streamed suicide videos on the popular Japanese streaming platform FC2.

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She was very brave enough to take he own life at that age. However, she is not a social person, and she also did not reveal her face on the internet, but she seems to suffer from depression or any problems, so she thought about suicide.

But the real cause of her suicide has not still revealed, so that there is still a mystery about Rorochan_1999’s suicide case and the truth behind the teenage girl.


Rorochan_1999 Death Video

Rorochan_1999 committed suicide on 24 November 2013. The suicide video took by herself, where she only shows her lower face covered with a mask. In her video, she also speaks in the Japanese language, which means “I’m Scared”.

Later, Rorochan_1999 went closer to the balcony and jumped from there. After that, the loud sound “thump” had heard by many people. Further, her streaming video with sound was founded on 14 September 2020, which she shared on the internet.

Rorochan_1999 gained some media attention and broadcast the news about her suicide. But, she gained more attention after the Japanese rock band Shinsei Kamattechan released their songs as a tribute to Rorochan_1999. The music videos were animated, and the song’s title is “Ruru’s Suicide Shows”.

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After the song was released, many people became interested in her suicide videos and about her. Rorochan_1999 had also created her Twitter account with the tag name (“@rorochan_1999”), where she has gained 35.2K followers until now. Her last tweet had tweeted on 23 November 2013.

However, a young and secretive girl, Rorochan_1999, is not in this world now, but we hope she is free from what she is not satisfied within this world. Her mysterious suicide made everyone desperate to know the real cause of attempting suicide so that she is gaining more attention from people and her death case.


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