The public has always been obsessed with how celebrities and wealthy people live, their income, and their activities. People are attracted to headlines like “Most Wealthy Celebrities” and “Overpaid Athletes of the Year” even if they declare a lack of interest in wealthy and famous people. The general public is always eager to know intimate details of their favorite celebrities just as much as they enjoy reading about sex scandals, murders, and criminal activities.

Sure, you might not be a fan of getting the latest scoop about celebrities in general. But you must admit, knowing how much they earn or how much they’re actually worth might seize your interest even just a little bit. So why should we even care about how much these people earn?

For starters, on some level there’s an element of curiosity because we sometimes question whether such people deserve the money they’ve been raking in. As if knowing how much they get from whatever shenanigans they’re up to will justify the millions!

This is particularly true because many of us only dream about getting at least one six-figure deposit into our bank account! Even hitting the jackpot at one of the top listed no deposit casinos promoted on NoDeposit.Guide is a far reaching dream, much less a possibility. Life is not filled with jackpots and free no deposit casino bonuses to welcome you into the realm of the elite.

But why do we care so much about the net worth of celebrities?

People Love Wealth and Fame

People worldwide worship celebrities. Children grow up wanting to become like them, and the desire remains alive even when they become adults. People are curious about the net worth of their favourite celebrities because they feel that they can become rich if they become celebrities.

According to Alison Jackson, the English filmmaker, photographer, and artist, celebrities have replaced fairytale characters and religious figures in the minds of the general public. Their lives, lifestyles, and activities inspire and influence many who read about them in newspapers, magazines, and social networks.

People Are Just Curious

People are curious about how rich their favorite movie stars or players are. They like comparing the wealth and possessions of many celebrities. Talking about how much celebrities make and how they live is an entertaining activity for many people.

People Love Living Through Others

Jacob Weisberg, an American political journalist, says that human beings love living through those who are more famous, wealthy, rich, attractive, and sexually desirable than others. Celebrity worship begins with imagining what it would be like to live like them. Fascination, derision, admiration, or envy may be at the root of such celebrity worship.

According to psychologists, human beings naturally worship those who have reached the top rungs of the social ladder. People feel that they can become like the celebrities they worship if they learn more about their income and details of their personal lives.

Curiosity about celebrities has been around for hundreds of years, but today, access to celebrity photos and news is easy. In the past, people looked up to royal families for fashion and social cues. For example, Queen Victoria started the tradition of white wedding dresses in 1840 by wearing one for her wedding.

Celebrity Worship Boosts Self Esteem

According to a recent psychological study by University of Buffalo psychologist Shira Gabriel, celebrity worship boosts self-esteem in many people. Gabriel initiated the study because she wanted to know why people are curious about celebrities.

She concludes that people bond mentally and emotionally with their favorite celebrities, and this bonding enables them to experience the characteristics of their favorite celebrity within themselves. Whenever they think about their favorite celebrity and find out details about their lives, they feel good about themselves. People cannot do this in real-life relationships because fear of rejection prevents them from getting too close to others.

Social Media Has Made Celeb Lifestyle Very Public

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok. The list goes on. Every celeb has an account in one or all of these platforms. They either post obsessively themselves or have a whole team of social media gurus uploading posts for them. What they ate for breakfast, what their child wore to school, which yacht they are cruising in, what did (or didn’t) wear to the beach, and what fancy new car their latest lover bought them.

The information is endless and constantly in your face. People have an obsession to follow all their favorite celebs to find out what luxurious adventures they next partake in. Celebs love this attention, and love flaunting their bling. The relationship is reciprocal for sure!