Who would have thought that putting a bunch of people in a house to live together could be a great show that makes celebrities? Nowadays, there are many reality shows with a similar premise, but Big Brother remains the most popular.

Most of the contestants that enter the show are regular people without attracting too much attention with their names. But some are clever enough to capitalize on their “5 minutes” walk of fame from the show and turn into big celebrities.

Millions of people watch the reality TV show, and many anonymous people sign up for Big Brother, betting it will open the door to the spotlight. Throughout its long history, Big Brother has become a celebrity-making machine that pumps up big names that are making some headlines nowadays.

This got us wondering, which are the five celebrities that Big Brother made famous? Let’s find out.

Cody Calafiore

Cody Calafiore was in line for season 16 of Big Brother. From the beginning, Cody made a clever strategy to team up with Derrick Levasseur from “The Hitmen” and plotted against the rest just to ensure they were the house’s last members.

It seems like their strategy worked since Levasseur won the season, with Calafiore claiming the second position with a prize reward of $50,000 cash.

After his incredible run in Big Brother season 16, he managed to return in a couple of episodes for season 18. However, his real success came after the Big Brother reality show, when he started to make a name for himself as an actor. He appeared in New Dogs, Old Tricks, Elementary, The Bold, and The Beautiful.

He also had a lot of success as a model appearing for many world-renowned magazines.

Frankie Grande

Frankie Grande is one of the most loved contestants of Big Brother season 16, and although he finished in fifth place, he managed to get a lot of success after the show.

He started to appear in many on and off Broadway productions, has been a star of his cabaret show, hosted numerous red carpet events, and became a popular judge on a reality TV show. Frankie Grande also released his music single and has been nominated for the People’s Choice Award.

Nowadays, he is more famous due to Ariana Grande’s brother, who became a massive success in music.

He and his sister Ariana also launched a unisex perfume and got a massive social media following.

Frankie Grande was clever when using his fame after Big Brother, as he donated his winnings to help build a school in Africa and participated in several charitable fundraisers.

Rachel Villegas

Rachel Villegas became a true icon of Big Brother after her appearance in season 12 when she finished 9th place out of 13 competitors. Even though she didn’t finish a high position in her first appearance, she became a fan’s favorite, resulting in her return to Big Brother in seasons 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 20.

The main reason she was asked to return to the show has a lot to do with the success and social media following she got after the first season of Big Brother. Like many more Big Brother contestants, Rachel Villegas continued to appear in many reality TV shows and has also established herself as a successful actress by appearing in several movies.

Daniel Gheesling

After his dominance in Big Brother season 10, when he won first place and claimed $500,000 as a top prize with 7-0 votes, he became an instant celebrity. Daniel returned to Big Brother in season 14 when he finished 2nd place and became the first-ever Big Brother contestant who made it to the final on two occasions.

After his successful run in the Big Brother series, Daniel became a popular video game player and had a dedicated channel on YouTube. He is also a huge social media influencer with a massive following base.

He has also found success as an author, public speaker, and coach and has published several books that got a lot of attention.

William Kirby

William Kirby appeared in one of the Big Brother reality TV show’s first seasons in 2001 when he managed to win first place. He has later named the best Big Brother winner, and since he left the show, he returned to his full-time profession as an aesthetic dermatologist.

After leaving the show, he became a medical correspondent on Extra! and hosted a dating show for NBC. He also appeared in The Doctors show on E! News and got a lot of social media attention.

He is, without a doubt, one of the most successful contestants that decided to continue on the same path before Big Brother, only with a lot more attention to his name.