Why is Joel Kinnaman famous?

The full name of Joel is Charles Joel Nordstrom. His current age is 41 years. Joel Kinnaman is one of the amazing actors in Hollywood, who is fond of Tattoos. The left arm of Joel is full of vines, flowers, and a woman’s face. He had covered up the older tattoos from the tattoos. Joel had started his first tattoo as a tribal one thinking that it would never become out of fashion. Joel Kinnaman started his career with Swedish movies and then entered Hollywood. The excellent way of portraying every character with curiosity is his plus point in every project.

Quick Info 
Full NameCharles Joel Nordström Kinnaman
Date of BirthNovember 25, 1979
Birth PlaceStockholm, Sweden
ParentsSteve Kinnaman
Bitte Kinnaman
SpouseCleo Kinnaman (2015-2018)
Age41 years
Height6 ft 2 in
Weight75 kg
EthnicitySwedish and English
Net WorthUS $10 million

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Joel Kinnaman

Likewise, there are many beliefs of people regarding the post-death life. This differs from communities to communities and sounds mythical in the current world. Some people believe that they can take the most attached particles with them during the funeral time if burned or cremated with their body. Some groups of people even believe that they receive the required elements with proper rituals performed by their relatives. 

There are also some groups of people who believe that they can take “Tattoos” with themselves when they die. People also believe that when their soul doesn’t get anything to eat they can trade their tattoos to meet their needs in the world of soul.

Although all these thoughts are part of self-belief and are also somewhat superstitious, one cannot ignore tattoos as one of the trending habits of people. There are a lot of people who love to have an artistic shape or letter as a lifelong memory. Most of the time, people put on a tattoo to make some special kind of memory. The shape of a tattoo also plays a significant role to express the unexpre4ssed desire of a person.


Where is Joel born and raised?

The birthplace of Joel is Stockholm, Sweden. He came into the world on 25th November 1979. His father’s name is Steve Kinnaman. He was in the military. His mother’s name is Bitte Kinnaman.  She was a therapist. Joel grew up with his five sisters.  Leyla Belle Drake and Melinda Kinnaman were the two of them. Joel had described his family as a beautiful mess in an interview.

Joel had a kind of rough and tough childhood. Joel Kinnaman was into the “gangster-feel” during the phase of growth. It was both an interesting and risky feeling for him. He used to enjoy the adrenaline rush during that time. Joel was getting close to the circle that was committed in criminal activities when he was ten years old. Stealing cars, drug dealing, violence, and hooliganism were the rough activities of the group. The groups were also engaged in the street fight. It used to make him feel powerful.

Moreover, things changed after an incident when he was only fourteen years old. A policeman had nearly made him choked with his knee on Joel’s chest. It was during a fight to have occurred after a football match. Joel then decided to leave such bad companies. But things were still challenging for him.

Then, Joel Kinnaman decided to move to Texas. There was the start of a fresh journey after entering Texas.  He even lived with a weird tiny couple. They used to talk with them about having a son of his own age. But he never found any details about the existence of the child. It was during his traveling period after high school that he found a deep passion for acting who worked as a line worker in a beer factory and roof-sweeper in Norway. 

Joel Kinnaman even worked in the position of manager in a bar. It was during his stay in French Alps. These jobs were to generate money for his travel costs. Joel traveled to “South America” and “Southeast Asia” and used to travel for about four to five months at one time. Joel followed this traveling journey for about two years.

His nationality is Swedish. He belongs to Swedish and English ethnicity.


Where did Joel go to school?

Joel had attended a high school in Texas becoming part of a student exchange program. Joel attended the “Malmo Theatre Academy” to gain acting skills. He was there between 2004 and 2007.Joel Kinnaman

Body Measurement

Joel Kinnaman has an attractive height of 6 feet 2 inches with a complimentary weight of 75 kgs.


What is the relationship status of Joel?

Joel was in a relationship with Olivia Munn. They dated each other between 2012 and 2014. Then, Joel started a relationship with Cleo Wattenstrom. Cleo is a tattoo artist. They tied knots in 2016. Unfortunately, they separated in 2018. Joel started dating Kelly Gale in 2019.


Social Media

Joel Kinnaman is active in various social media. He goes with the Instagram name of “@joelkinnaman” with 1.1M followers and “@joelkinnaman” on Twitter with 56.6K followers. His Facebook page “Joel Kinnaman” has 96K followers.


How did Joel start his career?

Joel has started his acting career at a young age. He was only 11 years old when he became part of an “Opera” in Sweden in 1990.  But after the performance, he was no close to acting. Joel resumed his acting passion after joining the “Malmo Theatre Academy” in 2002. Joel Kinnaman got the opportunity to become part of the movies like “Hannah med H”, “God Save the King”, “Storm” and “Tjernare Kungen” during the same time. This was before his graduation. Joel appeared on the stage in the play “Crime and Punishment” after completing his graduation.  He was also part of the series “Andra Avenyn” alongside Alicia Vikander

Likewise, Joel Kinnaman appeared in the “In Your Veins” in 2009 and succeeded to become part of the movie series “Johan Falk” in the same year. He portrayed the role of “Frank Wagner” in all six parts of the movie. Joel was also part of the Swedish movie “Easy Money” in 2010.  The movie succeeded to make him internationally famous. He remained part of “The Darkest Hour” in 2011. The same year, he also joined the crew of the series “The Killing”.

Moreover, Joel appeared in the movies like “Lola Versus” and “Safe House” in 2012. He was part of the movie “Easy Money II: Hard to Kill” and “Easy Money III: Life Deluxe” in 2012 and 2013 respectively and was also part of the “Robocop” in 2014. Joel Kinnaman came up with the movies like “Child 44”, “Run All Night”, and “Knight of Cups” in 2015. Joel appeared in the series “House of Cards” from 2016 to 2017. he appeared in the movies like “Edge of Winter” and “Suicide Squad” alongside Karen Fukuhara during the same time. Joel appeared in the major role in the “Altered Carbon.”

Joel Kinnaman

What is the Current Net Worth of Joel?

Joel Kinnaman has been part of the entertainment industry for more than ten years appearing on the stage, in series, and in movies. According to celebritynetworth.net, he has an approximate net worth of $10 million.


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