Originally, Alexa Brooke Rivera, popularly known by the nickname Lexi Rivera is a popular American social media personality who has millions of followers on the social media platform. In addition, she has won the hearts of millions of people worldwide with her amazing vlog content and beautiful pictures.

Over the years, many rumors have been about Lexi’s love life. So, who is she dating? First, let us go through past relationship rumors, Lexi.

Ben Azelart

Lexi Rivera was in a relationship with Ben from 2018 to 2020. Ben Azelart is a popular YouTuber and social media personality with over 11.7 million subscribers on his channel.

According to rumors, Lexi and Ben first met each other in 2017. After a year, the couple felt that they have mutual feelings for each other. They eventually revealed their relationship publicly.

Lexi Rivera and Bez Azelart in July 2019
Lexi Rivera and Bez Azelart in July 2019 Source: Instagram

All the fans accepted Ben and Lexi’s relationship. They made several vlogs together, posted romantic pictures, and earned massive followers and fame.

Unfortunately, Ben and Lexi broke up in November 2020. The couple had a bad relationship and had a hard time pretending to be happy in front of the public and on social media. The couple eventually broke up before revealing their fans through a YouTube video, “We Broke Up,” in 2020. They were very positive about revealing their relationship with each other. We can still find their pictures and vlogs on their social media platforms.

Find out detailed information on Ben Azelart.

Who is Lexi Rivera dating today?

Lexi is currently rumored to be dating YouTuber and social media star Andrew Davilla. However, both of them have never revealed their relationship, and they call themselves close friends.

We can see several intimate pictures of them together and make videos together. However, Lexi is currently single as she claims to be.

Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila introducing their adopted puppy in 2021
Lexi Rivera and Andrew Davila introducing their adopted puppy in 2021. Source: Instagram

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