Weste Erickson is a normal man who has an attractive personality. People became attracted because of his good manners and behaviors towards them. He was an It expert who worked for Tahoma Middle School.

Weste Erickson
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He used to be a very kind and cooperative person so that everyone who works with him has positive thoughts and an impact on him. Unfortunately, a precious, hard-working, loving, and caring person Erickson took his last breath on 23 January 2017.

Erickson’s family

Weste grew up nicely in a good environment in Sekiu, Washington, with his family members. His parents have a Pysht Pottery business, but his death notice made his family members very tragic. His parents are Karen and Ron Erickson, and he has three siblings: Lincoln, Thomas, and Emma.

He has a close relationship with his family members, and they live together with fun and enjoyment. They used to have a good relationship with each other, so he lived a happy life with his family members.

Weste Erickson
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The real cause of death is still missing, so that it creates many suspensions about his death. After his death, the Cady cremation services arranged the final ceremony in Kent. Likewise, his relatives have been thing about creating a memorial at the West End Youth and Community Club Piano Fund.

Because of his friendly personality, he used to have many friends with whom he had a close relationship. They also missed him a lot and stated that he was a very loyal and loving person. Similarly, his personality made him gain more friends in his career. However, a good-looking and loving person has to leave his life early, making his loved ones sad.

Cause of Death of Weste Erickson from Terror In The Woods

An IT specialist who was very kind to everyone had to leave the world soon. People with good hearts had to leave the world soon to become very tragic moments for their loved ones. His death cause is still a mystery, and he was also in his home when he took his last breath. At that time, he turned at the age of 34 years but had to face his death early.

However, his death’s cause remained still unknown, but people are very curious to know about the actual cause of his death. So investigations have also been done for the case but did not find any suspect about his death.

Besides this, his death story can be seen in the TV series “Terror in the Woods”. The series features real stories so that people know about many incidents that have happened with many people. The series was released on 10 October 2017 in the United Kingdom. The series is also known as “These Woods Are Haunted,” where the series was aired on Wild Dream Films.

Weste Erickson
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Many investigations have been done for the case of Erickson, but no one was able to reveal the reason for his death. So there is still a mystery about his death. However, the investigation is still going on, but no one is able to know the real cause of his death.

So, his story about his death has been aired in the series “Terror in the Woods”, where all the real stories of people are shown. After his story has been shown in the series, many people are desperately waiting for the real reason for his death so that investigating is still going on.

Likewise, his family is also waiting for the real reason for his death. But, as of now, no detailed information has been come out.

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