Chelsea Edmundson

Chelsea Edmundson is an American-born actress and producer famous for her appearance in “Thunder Road”, “The Black String”, “Army of the Dead,” and more. Where was Chelsea born and raised? Chelsea Edmundson was born on 31 August 1988 in Poplar, Bluff, Missouri, the USA as a daughter of a father, Jasper Edmundson, and a mother, […]

Emma Deigman

Emma Deigman, aka Edei is a singer and songwriter from England. She is also an actress who has appeared in “Big Women,” “Last Order,” and “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.” She is also the current girlfriend of a famous American actor, James Marsden. Where was Emma born and raised? Emma Deigman was born on […]

Kyline Alcantara

Kyline Alcantara is a famous actress, model, singer, and social media personality from the Philippines who made her career debut at the age of seven from a reality-based talent competition and segment of ABS-CBN, Star Circle Quest (SCQ). She is best known for her appearance in the series “Annaliza” and “Kambal, Karibal.” Where was Kyline […]

Tallulah Knighton

Tallulah Knighton is an American-born girl who rose to fame for being the daughter of famous American actor Zachary Knighton. Who is the Father of Tallulah? Tallulah Knighton was born on 21 September 2010 in the United States as a daughter of a father, Zachary Knighton, and a mother, Hang Knighton. In addition, she had […]

Roberta Raffel

Roberta Raffel is an American businesswoman who grabbed the people’s attention for being the wife of Marcus Lemonis, a well-known Lebanese-born American businessman, television personality, philanthropist and politician. Where was Roberta born and raised? Raffel whose real name is Roberta ”Bobbi” Raffel, was born on 21 September 1953 in the United States of America as […]

Connie Snyder

Connie Snyder is an American philanthropist and co-founder of Ballmer Group, popularly known for being the wife of famous American businessman Steven Anthony Ballmer who is also the 8th richest person in the world. Her husband is the owner of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Los Angeles Clippers. Where was Connie born and raised? Connie […]

Aaron Kyro

Aaron Kyro is a professional skateboarder who is mostly known for founding the Braille Skateboarding YouTube channel. He rose to fame after posting step-by-step skateboarding videos on his website, which helped him gain over three million members. He also undertakes charity work, primarily assisting in the construction of skate parks and providing encouragement to aspiring […]

Quvenzhane Wallis

Quvenzhane Wallis is an actress, model, singer, and author from the United States. Quvenzhane Wallis received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal as “Hushpuppy” in the 2012 indie film “Beasts of the Southern Wild“. Where was Quvenzhane born and raised? Quvenzhane Wallis was born in Houma, Louisiana, on August 28, 2003. Wallis is currently […]