Marisela Vallejos Felix is a beautiful woman born in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, in 1970 in a well family. She is not a celebrity but gained people’s attention after she married her husband, Chalino Sanchez, whose real name is Roseline Sanchez Felix.

Chalino Sanchez
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Her husband was a successful and famous person, as he has established himself as a Mexican singer and songwriter. On the other hand, Sanchez was a good-looking and dedicated person born on 30 August 1960 in EI Guayabo, Sinaloa, Mexico. The couple was in deep love with each other, so they have remained loyal since their marriage in 1984.

However, her husband was killed on 16 May 1992 in Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico, by Gunshot wounded to the head. Chalino took his last breath on that day, and he was only 31 years at that time. So, one of the prominent and talented men in music had to leave the world soon.


About Marisela Vallejos Felix

An American-Mexican woman Marisela Vallejos Felix has a Latinx ethnicity. She is a beautiful woman who has mesmerizing dark brown hair. As of now, she turned about the age of 51. She is a kind of secretive person, so that about her family, there is still more to know.

Likewise, she grew up beautifully in a good environment, but about her educational background, she remained quiet so there is still a mystery.


Two children of Chalino Sanchez with Marisela Vallejos Felix

Marisela Vallejos Felix and Sanchez used to have a romantic and loyal relationship, so that the couple exchanged their vows in 1984. After their marriage, they became parents as they gave birth to their two children Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo and Adan Sanchez.

Chalino Sanchez
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Their first child is Adan Sanchez, whose real name is Adan Santos Sanchez Vallejo had also established himself as a Mexican-American singer and composer like his late father. Unfortunately, Marisela Vallejos Felix also faced her son Adan’s death, which was a tragic moment.

However, she has been staying strong because of her second child, Cynthia Sanchez Vallejo. Marisela and her daughter live their own life, but she faces many difficulties because of the uncertain death of his loved ones.


Chalino Sanchez Career

Chalino Sanchez started his career while he became a young man. He started his professional life after working in the music “17 Exitos” in 1989. After that, she also worked as a singer for “13 Mejores Exitos” in 1990. In the same year, he was also seen working for “Homenaje a Pollero”, “A Todo Sinaloa”, “Nieves De Enero Con Los Amables Del Norte” and more,

Further, Chalino Sanchez started getting more success as a singer and composer in his life so that he got many offers in his life. Later, in 1991, he also worked in a discography “Alma Enamorada” and “EI PAvido Navido”.

Chalino Sanchez
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Similarly, a hard-working man also worked in several discographies in his life, including “EI PAvido Navido”, “Adios a Chalino”, “Chalino Sanchez Con Vaquero’s Musical”, “Desilusion”, “15 Exitos 15” and more. Because of his dedication to his career, he gained more success and fame, so that many people started appreciating his work.

However, some people gained positive thoughts about him whereas others had negative. So, the negative-minded people who are very crucial and greedy personalities took his life, which made him far from us. people who couldn’t see other’s success and fame took his life so that Chalino Sanchez’s wife and his children became lonely became of him

His wife, Marisela Vallejos Felix, also became his widow after his tragic death and had to face one of the tragic moments in her life.


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