If you are a fan of TV serials, then I am sure you have heard the name of Bryan Cranston. At the start of his career, Cranston spent his time taking roles in a variety of commercial jobs and different television roles. He one of the famous actors, directors, producers, and screenwriters. He has given his great contribution to American films but giving different hits to Hollywood.

Quick Info
Full NameBryan Lee Cranston
Date of BirthMarch 7, 1956
Birth PlaceHollywood, California, United States
ParentsJoe Cranston (Father)
Peggy Sell (Mother)
ProfessionActor, Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Wife(s) Mickey Middleton (1977–1982)
Robin Dearden (1989-Present)
Age64 years
Height5 ft 11 in
Net WorthUS $30 million

He well knew for the Anem Tim Watley on NBC. He is one of the multitalented and versatile public figures of America who represented America in from of the world with the best movies. He is renowned for different names in which he played his movies and TV series. The producer and director as well and also used the script by himself. All this talent is just inside one man is almost impossible but made it possible with his enormous knowledge and skills.

Bryan Cranston


Bryan Cranston was born on March 7, 1956. He was born in Hollywood, California, United States. He is the one who struggled and finally awarded the variety of titles in different phases of his age. He was awarded many titles and awards like the Tony Award of Best actor, Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor, and many more. He had played in many films as well as directed many films in his career.

Bryan Cranston was also one of the renowned characters of most seen series called sitcom Seinfeld. He is one of the people who contributed a lot in the field of a movie or say series for the nation and nominated for the different awards. He was a very talented and versatile person since his childhood. Despite being involved in theatre, He uplifted himself in a different place and grabbed the position in the film industry.



As we mention Bryan Cranston one of the versatile personalities who have a series of achievements in his career. Cranston started his career with theatre acting from ‘Granada Theater’ in the San Fernando Valley, California where he used to play small roles. He struggled a lot in his life for which he has to the job like working as a waiter, a truck loader, and a security guard but the change his career started from the 1980s where he started getting small roles and advertisements of different local brands.

Bryan Cranston

Then after his peak in industry, he played a role in the name of  ‘Douglas Donovan’ in the ‘ABC’ TV series ‘Loving from 1983 to 1985. Similarly, In 1988 Bryan Cranston got another opportunity to play in ‘CBS’ series named ‘Raising Miranda’ as ‘Russell’. He is versatile and also gave his voice to the dubbed English version of the Japanese anime movie named ‘Macross Plus’. Similarly given his sound to the series ‘Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ which gave him different directions in the industry.

In the year 1990s, Bryan Cranston performed characters that assisted him to highlight in the acting career. Bryan played a very renowned series’. Tim Whatley’ in ‘Seinfeld,’ From 1994 to 1997 and given his best performance which made him popular with the character. In the series, He was assigned the role of a dentist who made frequent appearances in the series.

In the year 1998, He played the role of an astronaut with the character ‘Buzz Aldrin’ in the series ‘HBO’ miniseries ‘ named From the Earth to the Moon. The same year, Bryan Cranston played the movie ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and directed the movie ‘Last Chance’ in 1998. He is one of the best stay played actors as well and performed in  ‘The God of Hell,’ and ‘A Doll’s House.’ etc.

In 2014, Bryan Cranston played ‘All The Way’ series and his performance made him eligible for the ‘Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play. ’Sequentially he actor in  ‘Dalton Trumbo’ in the movie ‘Trumbo.’ In 2015 which was one of the best movies released choice and seen by many viewers as well. This movie was a biographical movie based on the real-life of Dalton Trumbo.



The success of every person hides what actually he was before and what made him successful. Bryan Cranston was an average kid during his birth. He was born in a middle Medical professional family. His father was Joe Cranstone and his mother was Peggy sell. His parents both are from America he struggled a lot during his start-up in the career by involving himself in different careers like a waiter, security guard, and so on.

Bryan Cranston


As he is from the film industry and he has maintained himself with a good body structure or can say attractive personality. A charming face with talent, Bryan is one of the attractive faces in the movie industry. Besides having a height of 1.79 m, he looks more attractive and handsome. Bryan Cranston is the one who is at 64 of his age but still looks handsome as he maintained his health.

Talking about his nationality, he is an American citizen. America is the place where he was born and brought up. He was a Medical researcher but gradually his interest directed toward the film industry especially in acting and direction. So he started his career later on the same field of interest.



Based on the official report, the net worth of Bryan Cranston is considered to be $ 30 Million. His most income is from the movies and TV serials. He is one of the versatile actors who had side income from different endorsement activities too. He is also a scriptwriter and wrote for many movies and plays for different movies and series as well which makes his income more than a person of a specific field.