BTS is one of the best bands from South Korea, where seven members are working together to achieve their dreams from 2010. They are also known as Bantan Boys, and the members are RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. These guys are full of energy and also are famous for their handsome looks.

Quick Info
Full NameBeyond The Scene 'BTS'
Founded2013, Seoul, South Korea
SloganYour Audience Forever
Net WorthUS $60 million



The name BTS refers to one of the famous bands of South Korea, which has stolen the millions of people’s hearts known by the Korean expression Bangtan Sonyeondan which means “Bulletproof Boy Scouts.” J-Hope, the crew of BTS, has declared that their band reveals the group’s ambitions, which block out Stereotypes, criticisms, and expectations that aim at Adolescents like bullets. In 2017, July they have also stated that their name BTS stands for “Beyond the Scene,” which became the popular name and renowned name for the whole world.


In 2010, the formation of the band was on the initial phase after the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment caught up with the group leader BTS RM whose real name was Kim Nam-Joon but popularly known by the name of RM. The CEO was overwhelmed by his rapping style and skills, so he made the Hip-Hop group similar to YG Entertainment’s 1TYM. The CEO, Bang Si-hyuk, thinks that present youth need the Hero to lean on his shoulder. In 2011, the group was said to debut and featured on various tracks by the artist 2AM, known as a South Korean Group and Lee Seung-gi, before it was on the verge of postponing.

After this, the group got known as a traditional idol group. Later, in 2012 the team was finalized with the member Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, Junkook, where previously they are busy with gathering the attention of the people by attending in several types of social media websites and also cover the songs. The artwork is on YouTube and SoundCloud, where most of the peoples are there to attract the people via using the media. Finally, BTS released their debut on a single album, typically a song recording of fewer tracks than an LP record or an album, “2 Cool 4 Skool”.

It is the first installment in the “school trilogy” series, at the same time with the lead single “NO More Dream,” which ranks in the 124 number in Korea before quickly falling off the charts. After being peaked at number five in South Korea, it sold around 145,000 copies, but nobody expected it to sell only 24,000 copies in 2013. Later, their consequent single “We Are Billetproof Pt.2” was unfortunately down to chart, and later they work for the “2 Cool 4 Skool”.

Later they thought that if they had to establish them, then they have to tell their story to have an attraction of the younger generation. So, the band had decided to make the lyrics which can reflect about the misunderstanding and prejudice towards the bar, the societal criticism that makes the band dream drop off, and the desire and accomplishment towards the band future. After knowing the requirements of the young generation, BTS members Suga and RN started to write the lyrics of the song “No More Dream.” They wrote the lyrics of the music more than 20 times, so it is not that easy for them.

After completing the lyrical part, They release the single album in the various Korean music shows. Despite being unfinished, the live performances of BTS’ showed their potentiality with their passionate and charismatic stage presence. After having a positive response in Korea, they expand their attempt on Japan, then they re-recorded the song “No More Dream” in Japanese and released in June 2014. Later, in the year 2013, September 13, the team of BTS again released the second part of their “school trilogy,” which is the “extended play O!RUL8,2?” which they often call as an EP.

Then, its single “NO” has been in the position of 92 in Korea. After that, the EP has been to place four in Korea and sold 160,000 copies if it includes 34,000 copies in the year of the song released. After having a positive response from different sources, BTS did not change in their type of style in their music; they use fiery rapping along with trap beats, brass, and the melodies full of soul.


To talk about their lyrics, they expand their lyrical part by adding more emotion, frustration revealing, drama, happiness, determination, and more emotions to their songs, which make them dream more about their future. After doing so much of struggle, they starred in their variety show “Rookie King Channel Bangtang,” which is broadcasted by “SBS MTV,” known as a South Korean pay television music channel.

After the success, they got awards of the different new artists of the year award, which consists of the 5th Melon Music Awards, which is known as a major music award show that is held annually in South Korea, the 28th Golden Disc Awards, and the 23rd Seoul Music Awards.



BTS’s success can counts from their last act “school trilogy, “the EP “Skool Luv Affair” which is the second extended play of BTS has sold 100,000 copies in 2014 and over 250,000 copies in total. These count as the success of the BTS, where they attend the Billboard’s World Album Chart after having the third position. Shool Luv Affair musically has gained the hip- hop influence after the incorporation with R&B and hard rock where the album includes the dreams and happiness to love, school life fun, and full youth love fun.

After going forward for their dreams, they started to appear in different types of musical shows; they organize the meeting for their fans for the first time in March, where  3000 fans attempt in Seoul, which is the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea. In July of the same year, BTS organized their first concert in the United States in West Hollywood, free for its 200 fan audience. After they also attempt their first KCON, an annual Korean wave convention in locations across the world in Los Angeles.

After the grand success, they released their first Korean Studio album “Dark & Wild,” which has come to the second position in Korea. They include sentimental lyrics with full of love and emotions. After they do lots of concerts and make music videos, they make every lyric video by focusing on the youth. Furthermore, they released their third EP, “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, part 1, in 2013 and “Fuse.” These are an American pay television channel that included “Dark & Wild,” which the only one Korean musical album on their list of the “27 Best Albums of 2015 So Far”.

After the “I Need U” has become the first top-five hits in Korea and win on SBS MTV’s “The Show.” They came on the number three on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart by the music video “Dope.” Later on, they started their world tour extension of their Red Bullet Tour in June. They had released so many albums, where they receive lots of awards and make the Korean act to top the Billboard 2000 with their studio album “Love Yourself: Tear” and, besides, hit the top of the charts with their “Love Yourself: Answer.”

After getting the massive success on their musical album, they came back to back with the more albums, and their albums are loved by many people around the world, which is known as the best journey for them, and they are doing more hard work to achieve their goals together.



To talk about their personal life, they are all single because of their band policies; they are not allowed to date, anyone. So they are not in any relationship till now.



The tallest guy in the BTS member is RM (Kim Nam-Joon), whose height is 5 feet 11 inches, and weight is 67kg. Both Jin and V’s size is 5 feet 10 inches, and Jin’s value is around 63 kg, and the V weight is 62 kg. They both are the second tallest guy in the group. J- Hope and Jungkook both is a third tallest member whose height is 5 feet 9 inches and j-Hop weight is 65 kg, and junk look weight is about 70 kg. Suga and Jimin both are 5 feet 9 inches. They are the smallest guy in their team where Suga is 59 kg, and Jimin is 61 kg.



The estimated net worth of the BTS is over $60 million.