Quick Info
Full NameKen Denning
Date of Birth1957
Birth PlaceSønderborg, Denmark
ProfessionPainter, Artist
Age63 years
Net WorthNot Known


Ken Denning is an artist who was born in 1957, primarily well known by his mesmerizing, unique, flawless painting skills. Denning was the reputed artist who started his career from his childhood. He lived in Sonderborg, Denmark, and he spends his childhood there. Denning was a guy who exposed his interest in a painting by drawing an etching where Ken used to express his feeling and that feeling appears in his paintings. Having an interest in the pictures, he especially loves to pull the acrylic landscape paintings, which means the views of hills, mountains, river, lake, beautiful trees and flower, and more.

Ken Denning


The painting looks like heaven, where every people can refresh their mind by looking at the scenic view of the landscape paintings where Ken Denning shares his emotions and feelings on it. He was interested in the picture or drawing from his childhood, so he painted a realistic view of nature. His unique nature of painting skills makes him become the best artist. His artistic view and thoughts are very different, and the people who are gaining interest in his paintings can know what he was expressing by his pictures and the profound concept behind his paintings.




Ken Denning was an artist who had a god-gifted talent that he expresses through his painting skills. He started his career from his childhood when he used to paint the landscape painting and also many more. After having an interest in the pictures, he began to explore more and added his talent to the artwork in various ways.

Later on, he tried to expand his painting skills on Lithography, where the stone is used as a surface and draw the desired picture using the special Greasy Ink. It was not only could occur in stone, but we can use the Aluminium surface too. Traditionally, the stone is used for the Lithography, but generally, people use Aluminium for the Lithography.

After that, he creates his interest in Serigraphy, which is known as silk screening. As an artist, Ken Denning had learned different types of painting techniques and skills, which makes him a multi-talented artist. Again he had done the woodcut painting where the painting happens on the surface of the wood. It is one of the best painting methods for an artist where they can easily make the paintings or can be print.

Ken Denning

As an artist, Ken Denning is interested in photography to take a picture of the beautiful views in mind refreshing the environment. After collecting the knowledge from the various methods of painting, he became more experienced in the field of art. After having experience, Ken Denning starts his work on making plaster where plaster means to make the molding for decorative walls or ceiling by a coating of a wall. Acrylic painting is one of the best methods of doing art, where he used beautiful colors and made them look realistic.

His career as an artist was memorable to all trying very hard to become a renowned painter. After getting success in different artistic fields, he further wants to know and skills about oil painting. Oil painting is the painting where artists use several types of oil to draw the picture, which is usually done in the white cloths and made them look realistic. Oil painting itself is one of the best ways of doing art, where we can use different kinds of oil colors, which takes time to dry.

Ken Denning was the best artist who used smooth colors and layers, Scrawls, and lines, making his painting look more conceptual with the deep vision. After doing lots of unique types of art, finally, he can organize the exhibition at him home, abroad, and also in his work. Many people loved his artistic creations. After seeing his artistic career, his results happened at several private and even corporate collections.

The Royal Collection appreciates Ken Denning works at the National Gallery of Denmark, where different museums like VejleArt Museum, Kunstmuseet I Tonder, South Jutland Art Museum, Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Sasol Art Museum, Stellenbosch, and many more.

Ken Denning


Ken Denning became famous because of his artistic work, where he became the inspiration for those who had an eagerness to do the painting like him. To become an artist, it is not easier to do in the right way because it takes lots of time to think and visualized in the painting. So after having experienced in the different fields, his works made him memorize in the future.

He features his artwork through his official website.


Ken Denning’s net worth is unknown as he enjoys his artistic life with less information on social media and the internet.