Ken Takemoto is a famous actor and costume designer known for his role in Transformers: Dark of the Moon alongside Shia LaBeouf and Rosie Huntington, which was released in 2011.

In addition, he came into the limelight recently for his guest role on Marvel’s mini-series The Falcon and the winter soldier.

Quick Wiki
Full NameKen Takemoto
Date of Birth1934
Birth PlaceChina
ProfessionActor and costume designer
Age87 years old
Eye colorbrown
Ethnicitymulti ethnic
Net Worth$250,000



Ken Takemoto was born in 1934. he hasn’t revealed information about his family and his siblings. Ken is from China and is an Asian who choose to taste his faith in Hollywood and succeeded in it. His nationality is American, and he belongs to multiethnic ethnicity.

Ken Takemoto
Image Source:Walt Disney Animation Studios-Fandom


How did Ken start his Career?

Ken Takemoto has a long movie career. He has played several roles. He was first seen In the movie Midnight witness who was released in 1993. Similarly, he was also seen in many movies since then, such as King’s Ransom, Full circle, Dreamers, cumulus Nimbus, snow falling on cedars, yah yah, kung fu man, Yoko, money fight, Moana, the aliens, and so on.

He has also made appearances on several Tv shows such as How I met your mother, Rizzoli & Isles, Bodies for a global brain, the eric andre show, Angel, house, even stevens JAG, arrested development, etc. Although his role is primarily bit parts and short features, he still managed to make himself recognizable and has been part of Hollywood for a long time. He attracted a huge fan following and is still working actively despite his old age, which makes him an inspiration to many people.

He also designs customs for Family gathering, a short movie, and Mr. Issac, released in 2005. In addition, he provided his voice for the Disney super hit movie Moana which was released in 2016. He is also an art director who directed the short movie Visas and Virtue in the year 1997. Besides this, he was also seen in TV series titled Curb your Enthusiasm as Tanaka, which was released in 2005.


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Ken in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The falcon and the winter soldier is the Marvel cinematic universe’s spin-off series of Avengers. Avengers is a group of a superhero who has a superpower and high technology with the help of which they save the world from external forces. The avenger franchise released its last movie, Avenger: Endgame, alongside Vin Diesel in 2019. The falcon and the winter soldier’s timeline is set six months after the endgame. The show is from its comic where Sam Wilson/ Falcon and Bucky Barnes/ Bucky portrayed by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are in the lead role.

Ken Takemoto
Image Source: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki-Fandom

In the series, Ken Takemoto portrays the role of yori Nakajima and is seen in two episodes. In addition, he made a guest appearance in the series. He is the father of one of the winter soldier’s victims.

He is seen drinking and hanging out with Bucky. Bucky, who regrets killing Yori’s son when he was a winter soldier, gives Yori company to get away from the guilt of killing him. Yori is a single man who lives alone after his son’s demise and is still not convinced that his son is no more and wants to know the real truth about it. Later in the episode, Bucky tells him the truth about his son and how he was the victim of winter soldiers.


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Physical Features

Ken Takemoto is 87 years old actor. he has white hair, which is due to his old age. Ken is of average height. He has fair skin and a charming smile. He has brown colored eyes. His height, weight, and body measurement are yet to be specified.

Ken Takemoto
Image Source: brightspotcdn

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Net worth

Ken Takemoto has worked in the entertainment industry for more than two decades now. He has worked on some major and minor roles and shows. His net worth is estimated to be $250,000. he does not use any social sites.


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