Have you noticed that some online casinos offer slot games based on some of the world’s greatest musicians of all time? If you haven’t and are music-obsessed, you should definitely check these games out. The games are based on musical geniuses, and some of their greatest hits are played in the background of the game itself. Mixing music and casino games is always a great idea. It just makes the whole casino experience ten times more fun. Below are 5 of these games that will get you singing along to some of the greatest hits in history.

1. Jimi Hendrix Online Slot

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most iconic musicians of all time. Though his career’s lifespan was short having lasted only five years, he was still considered among the greats for his amazing guitar skills. His legacy still lives on till this day as people today still continue to listen to his music. He is such a world icon that he even has a casino slot game based on him. Developed by NetEnt, the slot game celebrates Jimi Hendrix himself, by rocking out with him through his music in the background and the symbols of his face in the slot game itself. Make sure to check this game out!

jimi hendrix online slot

2. Kiss

The legendary rock band Kiss was formed in 1973. It’s incredible that they’re still performing to this day. However, they’re soon saying goodbye to the stage, as in 2022 their final Road World Tour is set to end. Thankfully, technology is here to keep us in touch with the band’s music through vinyl’s, streaming platforms, and more. The band is so popular that it even has its own slot game released by Scientific Games. Creating a slot game based on one band can only mean one thing – The band has a huge fanbase.

The slot game can be found one several online casinos, such as platincasino.co.uk. It features their music, giving all players an extra layer of entertainment when playing. Once they retire from the stage, this slot game will also keep us in touch with their greatest hits of all time. The game’s interface is designed as a concert stage to give us that rock and roll experience, just like the live concerts of Kiss.


3. Elvis Lives

Elvis Presley is one of the greatest artists in history. He started his career in 1954. Elvis is often referred to as the King of Rock and Roll. To honour this iconic artist, WMS Gaming released a slots game that features Elvis. Just like the other slot games mentioned above, the slot not only features his great music but also symbols related to him (For example his guitar and purple suede shoes).


4. Motorhead Video Slots

The English rock band was formed in 1975 by Lemmy, Larry Wallis, and Lucas Fox. The band is said to have rebirthed the heavy metal genre in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The band was notoriously known for their great music and wild parties. A slot game was developed to celebrate the band’s success over the years. The slot features the band’s greatest hit. The game is virtually designed as a live stage that allows you to blast Motorhead songs as you enjoy the game.


5. Guns N’ Roses Video Slots

Guns N’ Roses is an iconic heavy metal band formed in 1985. They are highly appreciated for how they revitalized the heavy metal genre with their raw energy. One of their best albums is Appetite for Destruction, released in 1987. This masterpiece album is mostly what they’re known for. During Guns N’ Roses’ 30th anniversary in 2015, NetEnt honored the amazing band by creating a slot game featuring their music.


While playing the Guns N’ Roses slot game you’ll notice the symbols related to the band on the slots. Also, the game allows players to select the Guns N’ Roses track they prefer to listen to as they play the game.