Stelle Ciccone is a child who got popular after she was adopted as a daughter of an American singer with a big heart and with such love and care for her. Her name is Madonna Louise she became the mother of this lucky child.

Name:Stelle Ciccone
Date of birth:24th August 2012
Age:10 years
Birthplace:Unites states of America
Zodiac sign:N/A
Education qualification:N/A
School's name:N/A
Profession:Singer's kid
Biological Father's name:Adam Mwale
Biological Mother's name: Patricia
Siblings:One sister
Sister's name:Estere Ciccone
Current mother's name:Madonna Ciccone
Mother's profession:American singer
Eyes color:Black
Hair color:Natural Black
Relationship status:Single
Net Worth:$880 million


Stelle Ciccone was born on the 24th  of August 2012. So, recently she has been ten years old. She was born in The United States of America. She was the biological daughter of Adam Mwale, who was her biological father as a professional. He was a farmer in his small village in Malawian.

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And her mother’s name was Patricia, but unfortunately, she died a day after giving birth to her twin daughters. The main reason behind her death was excessive bleeding without any medical assistance. After her mother’s death, her father kept both of the twins, Stelle Ciccone and Estere Ciccone, in an orphanage. So this is some of her information about her past.

As Stelle was born in the United States of America, she has her American Nationality. She is mixed according to her ethnicity, and there is no other information about the religion she believes or follows. Moreover, her Zodiac sign is Virgo. These are some of her knowledge about her nationality.



Stelle Ciccone is very young, and she might be studying at her school level and might be good in her studies. Still, there is no other information about her educational qualification. As she is very young, she might be taking things according to her interest.


Physical Description

Stella is very young, so there is more time and years left to know her exact height or weight. However, she is a female, and she has her natural black hair and an attractive smile with her beautiful eyes. So there is no exact measurement about her body or her shoe size or dress size.

stelle ciccone
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Family background

Stelle Ciccone had her biological father and mother, but her mother died after giving birth to twins. The reason behind her death was due to excessive bleeding without medical assistance. Her father is a farmer in a small village. Stelle also has a twin sister and five more siblings.

As their mother died, her father kept both twins in an orphanage. As he could not provide for their basic needs, he handed them over to the orphanage and had five children already at home. So this was their unlucky history, but the presentation makes them lucky kids . the present was a present for both of the twin sisters.


After Madonna Ciccone adopted

As both sisters were in the orphanage, Madonna Ciccone adopted Stelle and her twin sister Estere Ciccone. They were only four years old. Before Madonna welcomed them, the twin lived in Malawi in east Africa. Both of the twin sisters live happy life with their mother Madonna, and both have been attending a private school near her hometown.


Net worth

As  Stelle Ciccone is so young, she is fully dependent upon her mother, and her mother gathers a huge amount of income from the entertainment industry. She is a millionaire. So there is no problem regarding their basic facility. Instead, they live a luxurious life, and both are having a good life.

stelle ciccone
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As per some sources, it is estimated that her net worth is $880 million. And she is very happy with the amount she has made. And she makes so much income from her successful long-term career as an American singer, songwriter, and actress. So hope she earns more so that both of the kids learn from her and live their life very comfortably.


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