Keren Swanson

Keren Swanson is an American YouTuber and vlogger known for her family vlogs. Her family channel, KKandbabyJ has gained over 1.18 million subscribers, and her self-titled channel, Keren Swan has gained over 452 thousand subscribers. Her vlogs include everything including her daily life with her boyfriend, pregnancy, babies’ reaction, birthdays, and many more. Where was […]

Khoa Nguyen

Khoa Nguyen is an American YouTuber & social media Star well-known for the family vlog on YouTube, KKandbabyK. He enjoys making vlogs and his channel has accumulated over 1.18 million subscribers. Khoa has also accumulated a huge number of followers on his social media pages. He is one of the famous family vloggers in the […]

Megan DeAngelis

Megan DeAngelis is a beautiful Canadian-born YouTuber and actress who came into the light after posting many videos on her YouTube channel. Where was Megan born and raised? Megan, whose real name is Megan Nicole DeAngelis, was born on 15 May 1995 in Toronto, Canada, in a well family. She is popularly known as Meg […]