Jerome Jarre is a well-known and talented French entrepreneur, creator, and humanitarian. He is well known around the whole world for being a top Viner and Snapchat celebrity. In June of the year 2014, he was the most followed person on Vine.

The very same month he also became one of the first Snapchat celebrities. Jerome is well known for his principles. He denied the offer of $1,000,000 from a top NYC advertising agency as the product was against his principles.

Quick Wiki 
Full NameJerome Jarre
Date of Birth12th June, 1990
Birth PlaceAlbertville, France
MotherAgnes Jarre
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Creator, and Humanitarian
Relationship StatusUnknown
Age31 years
Hair Color
Eye ColorBlue
Net Worth3 million dollars. 


Where was Jerome born and raised?

The famous Viner, social media influencer, and entrepreneur, Jerome Jarre was born in the year 1990 on 12th June. This makes him 31 years old now with a birth sign Gemini. Jarre was born in Albertville, France, and was raised there. He was raised by his single mother named Agnes Jarre.

Jerome Jarre
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His father left his family when he was very young. That’s why he was never on good terms with his father. Unlike that, Jerome is very close to his mother. She has struggled a lot to give him a better future. With that, he holds a French nationality card and follows the Christianity religion. While growing up, he has faced many difficulties and troubles. He faced financial and emotional shortages to a very extent.

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His zodiac element is Air, the zodiac symbol is Twin, the zodiac quality is Mutable, the sign ruler is Mercury, Detriment is Jupiter, Exaltation is North Node and Fall is South Node. His lucky numbers are 3 and 5 and his lucky colors are Yellow and Green.

Like how all Gemini’s are, Jerome Jarre is also very adaptable, outgoing, and friendly. His intelligence, perspective, and analytical character are something that people love about him. Similarly, his indecisive, impulsive and unpredictable character is something that people don’t like about her. He is very nosy and inconsistent sometimes and that’s why people sometimes make distance him.



Jerome Jarre attended Kedge Business School but dropped out of his studies after moving to China. He settled in China for one year and learned English, Chinese and also created different startups. He got to know about many things when he was there. His one year of struggle in China made him independent and self-reliable.


How did Jarre start his Career?

He started many businesses in China and made enough money to move to Toronto and co-founded a software company named Atendy along with Christopher Carmichael.  

He later partnered with American Refugee Committee (ARC) and developed a new humanitarian model.

Jerome made his vine account when he was in Toronto and posted his first vine in the January of the year 2013. After that, he released his video titled ‘ Don’t be afraid of love’ which shortly became viral on Vine. Soon, he got featured in The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In a time of fewer than 6 months, he became successful in gathering 20 thousand followers.

Jerome Jarre
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After his appearance in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, his followers increased to 1 million from 20 thousand. That time, he was also asked by Ellen to cover the Red Carpet Ceremony of the 86th Academy Awards. There he got a chance to make Vine with multiple Hollywood actors. This also added popularity to his social life. 

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Jarre started his Snapchat journey soon after he hit more than 7 million followers in his Vine account. He created a Snapchat story with Stromae about a carrot looking for his father. 

In the year 2015, he started a #UglySelfieChallenge where he insisted people stop taking perfect selfies and start posting selfies with funny and silly faces. Almost 100,000 ugly faces were posted that time.

In his career, Jerome Jarre has also launched a campaign where likes on the posts and currency and plastic bottles and items are used to light up the slum communities of the Philippines.


Social Media

Jerome Jarre or @jeromejarre in Instagram is a verified user. He has 1.3 million followers on Instagram along with 400+ followings. He visits different places for the welfare of the people living there and posts his pictures of that place and with those people.

He also has a Facebook account named Jerome Jarre. He is verified on Facebook with 1.9 million followers.

His Twitter account username @jeromejarre has 1.3 million followers. He is also verified on Twitter.

Jerome Jarre
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Net Worth

Jerome Jarre has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars. 


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