Joe Scarborough is a news host on TV from America. He was also active in politics and law. Joe was also a representative of “Republican” congressional. He got involved in the post from 3rd January 1995 and 5th September 2001. Joe used to practice law in Pensacola, Florida, and then joined optimists through the “Republican Party” in 1994. Joe resigned from his post in 2001.

Quick Info
Full NameCharles Joseph Scarborough
Date of BirthApril 9, 1963
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia, United States
ParentsMary Joanna Clark
ProfessionLawyer, Author, Commentator, Journalist, Politician
SpouseMelanie Hinton (1986-1999)
Susan Waren (2001-2013)
Mika Brzezinski (2018-Present)
Age57 years
Height6 ft 3 in
EthnicityEnglish and Welsh
Net WorthUS $25 million

Moreover, he started to host the show on “MSNBC.” He also began to host along with Mika Brzezinski on “Morning Joe.” The show has got good reviews and support from magazines, newspapers, and journals. The “Associated Press,” ” The New York Times,” “The San Francisco Chronicle,” “USA Weekend,” and  ” Time” are some of the supporters of his hosting ability and the concept.

His political knowledge has helped Joe Scarborough to write books. “How Republicans Once Mastered Politics and Can Again,” ” The Last Best Hope,” “The Right Path: From Ike to Reagan” are some of his literary work. He also started his independent journey in Politics in 2017. 

Joe Scarborough

Where was Joe Scarborough born and raised?

The birthplace of Joe is Atlanta, Georgia, the U.S.  He came into the world on 9th April 1963. His father’s name is Mary Joanna Clark. He used to business. Joe’s mother’s name is Mary Joanna Clark. He spends his childhood along with his two siblings. 



Joe attended “Pensacola Catholic High School.” Joe Scarborough went to “The University of Alabama for his graduation. Joe completed his BA in History in 1985 and completed a ” Juris Doctor” degree from “University of Florida College of Law” in 1990.

Joe was not only interested in academics but was also enjoy every other activity. He used to play guitar and even composed songs. Joe collaborated with the band “Dixon Mills” to produce CDs. He has also given his contributions in the album “Calling on Robert E. Lee.” Joe was also a passionate footballer. This career helped him to become a coach in high school. 


Nationality, and Body Measurement

The full name of Joe is Charles Joseph Scarborough. His nationality is American. He is currently at the age of 57. Joe belongs to English and Welsh ethnicity. Joe Scarborough measures a high of 6 feet 3 inches and a mass of 80 kg.


How did Joe Scarborough start her Career?

Joe started his professional career journey as a lawyer. He began to practice law in “Florida Bar” from Pensacola in 1991. Joe also created a sensation by working on a murder case. Joe Scarborough represented Michael F. Griffin to defend him from the accusation of the murder of Dr. David Gun in 1993. But he was not in the case for the whole period. He helped Michael to get another lawyer and even worked with him in the future. Joe also defended himself and his family from the scrutiny of media.

Moreover, he got the opportunity to enter politics. There was a rise in property taxes during 1993. Joe strongly opposed the decision. This case helped him to win the support and that of the local people. Then, he became the representative of the “Republican” Congress. Joe Scarborough was the first representative from the 1st District of Florida after 121 years. 

Joe Scarborough

Joe served in the “Armed Services,” ” Civil Service,” “Education,” ” National Security,” “Judiciary,” and “Government Reform and Oversight” during his time in power. Joe also became a member of the “New Federalists ” The young “Republican” activists, even members of the “Congress,” had formed the group. Joe Scarborough also signed a plan “Contract with America” in the Legislature. It was during the election campaign of the congress in 1994. He got elected again in 1996. 

Moreover, Joe was also against abortion. He used to support the “Anti-abortion” campaigns and the “Medicare Preservation Act of 1995.” Joe also got involved in the “Unborn Victims of Violence Act.” He also succeeded in getting sponsors and support for the bill of withdrawal of the United States from the “United Nations.” Joe Scarborough also USD his voting rights for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. There were accusations of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” This case got initiated on 8th October 1998.

Joe suggested that “Corporation for Public Broadcasting” should have an independent operation. Such corporations should get financial aid from the federal government. Joe began the weekly newspaper “The Florida Sun” in 1999. It was a local newspaper in Florida. The newspaper is known as the “Independent News.”

Moreover, Joe was professionally very much active in many fields. He was giving his best to change the scenario as much as possible. But it cost his family and personal life. This incident made him resigned from the post of “Congress” in May 2001. There were only five months left for the completion of his period during the time of resignation.

Joe Scarborough resumed his law practice after the resignation. He started to focus on environmental issues and became an environmental lawyer. Joe became part of the “President’s Council” for the “21st Century Workforce” in 2002. He started his TV career at “MSNBC” in April 2003. It was “Scarborough Country.” Joe released his first book in October 2005. He began to host “Morning Joe” along with Mika Brezinski in May 2007. 

The duo also started to host a radio show, “WABC (770 AM)” on 8th December 2008. It was a late-morning show—the show-stopped broadcasting on 26th April 2010. Joe Scarborough had declared that he would come up with a new format in the front but still has not begun it. 

Moreover, Joe came up with his second book on 9th June 2009. “the Last Best Hope” was the title of the book. It focused on the tactics for the conservatives to fix their political position. Conservatives had lost their status during the “Presidential Election” in 2008 and mid-term in 2006. 

Joe also got in the list of “The Most Influential People” of “Time 100” in 2011. Joe Scarborough is also the visiting lecturer of the “Harvard Institute of Politics.” He released his third book on 12th November 2013. He also announced that he would not represent any political party on 11th July 2017. 

Joe Scarborough

What is the relationship Joe Scarborough status of Joe?

Joe tied the knot with Melanie Hinton in 1986. Melanie gave birth to two sons. Unfortunately, the couple landed up with a divorce in 1999. He married Susan Waren in October 2001. Susan was an assistant of Jeb Bush, the Florida Governor. She gave birth to a baby girl in August 2003 and got blessed with a baby boy in May 2008. But they divorced in January 2013.  He did an engagement with Mika Brzezinski at the beginning of 2017. She was Joe’s co-host. 


Social Media 

Joe Scarborough goes with the name of “@joescarborough” on Instagram with 87.2K followers and “Joe Scarborough” on Twitter with 2.7M followers. His Facebook page “Joe Scarborough” has 130K followers.


What is the Current Net worth of Joe Scarborough?

It has been more than 25 years of service for Joe in different fields.  He has worked as a lawyer, media person, and politician. According to, he has an approximate net worth of $25 million.


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